20 Slang for Ugly Woman (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Ugly Woman Mean?

“Ugly woman” is a subjective and potentially offensive term used to describe a woman whose physical appearance is perceived as unattractive by societal or personal standards. It is essential to recognize that beauty is subjective, and such judgments should be avoided to promote respect and inclusivity.

Slang For Ugly Woman

Slang Words for Ugly Woman

Here is the list of slang words for Ugly Woman with meanings:

  1. Munter – Extremely unattractive woman.
  2. Hag – Old and unattractive woman.
  3. Troll – Very unappealing woman.
  4. Dog – Very unattractive person.
  5. Minger – Highly unattractive woman.
  6. Fugly – Very ugly; a compound of “f***ing ugly”.
  7. Beast – Harsh term for an unattractive person.
  8. Ghoul – Ghostly or grotesque-looking woman.
  9. Gargoyle – Stony or unpleasant-looking woman.
  10. Gremlin – Small, mischievous-looking woman.
  11. Crone – Old, withered woman.
  12. Bag – Unpleasant or unattractive woman.
  13. Goon – Awkward or grotesque woman.
  14. Scrub – Undesirable or unattractive person.
  15. Ogre – Large, frightening-looking woman.
  16. Witch – Mean or ugly woman.
  17. Haint – Scary or ghostly woman.
  18. Frump – Woman with dull, old-fashioned appearance.
  19. Zombie – Lifeless or dull-looking woman.
  20. Rag – Worn-out or unattractive woman.

Use of Ugly Woman Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. She felt like a munter next to the models.
  2. Don’t call her a hag just because she’s older.
  3. She’s not a troll; she has a unique beauty.
  4. Calling her a dog is just plain rude.
  5. People can be so cruel calling her a minger.
  6. It’s harsh to label anyone as fugly.
  7. She’s no beast; she’s simply not your type.
  8. Why’d he call her a ghoul? That’s so mean!
  9. The makeup made her look like a gargoyle.
  10. She’s feisty, not a gremlin.
  11. Age doesn’t make anyone a crone.
  12. He’s wrong to call her a bag.
  13. She’s unique, not a goon.
  14. She may not be a model, but she’s no scrub.
  15. Calling her an ogre is an exaggeration.
  16. She’s outspoken, not a witch.
  17. Those ghost stories about a haint are old.
  18. She’s traditional, not a frump.
  19. She looked like a zombie after the long flight.
  20. That dress makes her look like a rag.

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