20+ Slang for Hangover (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Hangover Mean?

A hangover is the uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms experienced after excessive consumption of alcohol. It may include headache, nausea, fatigue, and dehydration.

Slang For Hangover

Slang Words for Hangover

  1. Bender: Long drinking session aftermath
  2. Wrecked: Severely hungover
  3. Fuzzy: Not thinking clearly
  4. Crocked: Extremely hungover
  5. Zombified: Feeling like a zombie
  6. Rough: General discomfort and malaise
  7. Smashed: Drunkenness carried into next day
  8. Crippled: Barely functional due to hangover
  9. Pounded: Feelings of being hit by something
  10. Mangled: Badly affected by alcohol
  11. Groggy: Dazed and weak
  12. Clobbered: Feeling beaten up
  13. Trashed: In bad condition
  14. Blitzed: Extremely disoriented
  15. Crushed: Feeling defeated by alcohol
  16. Toasted: Slightly impaired cognition
  17. Fried: Brain not working properly
  18. Rattled: Shaken up and uneasy
  19. Dusty: Feeling dry and uncomfortable
  20. Sloshed: Still feeling effects of booze

Use of Hangover Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’m feeling the bender from last night.
  2. He was so wrecked, he couldn’t even stand.
  3. My thoughts are so fuzzy, I can’t concentrate.
  4. She looked completely crocked this morning.
  5. I’m zombified; coffee won’t even help.
  6. I woke up feeling really rough today.
  7. He was so smashed, he forgot his name.
  8. I’m crippled by this hangover, help!
  9. Feels like I’ve been pounded in the head.
  10. My whole body feels mangled today.
  11. I’m too groggy to even get out of bed.
  12. I feel clobbered, like I got into a fight.
  13. She’s so trashed she’s staying in bed all day.
  14. He was blitzed, didn’t know where he was.
  15. I’m utterly crushed; I need a cure now.
  16. My brain’s so toasted, I can’t think straight.
  17. I’m so fried, I can’t do any work.
  18. My nerves are totally rattled today.
  19. I feel so dusty, I need water ASAP.
  20. I woke up still feeling sloshed.

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