20+ Slang for Edibles (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Edibles Mean?

Edibles are food items infused with active compounds, often THC or CBD, derived from cannabis. They offer a smoke-free method of consuming cannabis.

Slang For Edibles

Slang Words for Edibles

  1. Munchies: Cannabis-infused snacks.
  2. Treats: Marijuana-laden sweets.
  3. Gummies: THC-infused gummy bears.
  4. Brownies: Classic weed-infused dessert.
  5. Bites: Small THC treats.
  6. Dankables: Very potent edibles.
  7. Chews: Cannabis-infused chewy candy.
  8. Lollipots: THC lollipops.
  9. CannaCookies: Cookies with cannabis.
  10. BudderBars: Marijuana-infused bars.
  11. SpaceCakes: Psychedelic baked goods.
  12. TrippyTarts: Cannabis-laden pastries.
  13. Roofies: High-dose edible treats.
  14. MagicMints: Minty THC delights.
  15. StoneySweets: Sugary cannabis confections.
  16. BlastBites: Explosive THC effect edibles.
  17. GanjaGels: Gelatin-based THC treats.
  18. BlazeBars: Potent cannabis bars.
  19. FlyPies: Edibles that take you high.
  20. HerbHearts: Cannabis love candy.

Use of Edibles Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’ve got some Munchies for the movie night.
  2. These Treats really gave me a buzz.
  3. I can never resist these Gummies.
  4. Sarah made the best Brownies for the party.
  5. Want a few Bites before we head out?
  6. Those Dankables hit harder than expected.
  7. I have some fruity Chews if you’re interested.
  8. Ever tried the cherry Lollipots? They’re amazing.
  9. These CannaCookies taste just like regular ones.
  10. I got a discount on these BudderBars.
  11. She brought SpaceCakes for the festival.
  12. TrippyTarts are perfect for a fun evening.
  13. Be careful with those Roofies, they’re strong.
  14. Refresh yourself with some MagicMints.
  15. Can you pass the StoneySweets jar?
  16. Those BlastBites caught me off guard.
  17. GanjaGels are my favorite after a long day.
  18. Have you tried the new caramel BlazeBars?
  19. This FlyPies recipe is a family secret.
  20. Happy Valentine’s! I got you some HerbHearts.

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