20+ Slang for Filipino (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Filipino Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

A Filipino is a native or national of the Philippines. The term also refers to the culture, people, and languages of the country.

Slang For Filipino

Slang Words for Filipino

  1. Tambay: Hanging out aimlessly
  2. Kulit: Annoyingly playful or bothersome
  3. Astig: Cool or tough
  4. Jejemon: Internet/text language abuser
  5. Tsong: Informal term for friend
  6. Lodi: Idol (backwards slang)
  7. Werpa: Power (backwards slang)
  8. Jowa: Romantic partner
  9. Chika: Gossip or talk
  10. Bongga: Fabulous or impressive
  11. Sawi: Lovesick or heartbroken
  12. Petmalu: Extremely amazing
  13. Charot: Just kidding
  14. Kikay: Fashion-conscious or girly
  15. Balikbayan: Returning Filipino expatriate
  16. Pogi: Handsome
  17. Sosyal: Posh or upper-class
  18. Gutom: Hungry or starving
  19. Alat: Unfortunate or unlucky
  20. Rakrakan: To party hard

Use of Filipino Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He’s always tambay at the convenience store.
  2. Stop being so kulit when I’m working.
  3. That new movie is really astig.
  4. She’s a jejemon with all those emojis.
  5. Hey tsong, what’s up?
  6. LeBron is my Lodi in basketball.
  7. Show them your werpa in the game!
  8. Do you have a jowa?
  9. Let’s catch up on some chika later.
  10. Your new dress is so bongga!
  11. He’s been sawi since the breakup.
  12. That performance was petmalu!
  13. I won a million dollars, charot!
  14. She’s so kikay, always wearing makeup.
  15. He’s a balikbayan, who just got back from the U.S.
  16. He thinks he’s pogi, always checking himself out.
  17. They are too sosyal for street food.
  18. I’m so gutom, I could eat a horse.
  19. That was an alat moment, missing the last bus.
  20. It’s Friday, time to rakrakan!

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