20+ Slang for Hookup (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Hookup mean?

A hookup generally refers to a casual sexual encounter or relationship without a formal commitment. The term can also indicate a link or connection between two things.

Slang For Hookup

Slang Words for Hookup

  1. Fling: Brief, casual relationship
  2. Smash: Physical interaction, no strings
  3. Booty Call: Late-night intimacy request
  4. No-Strings: Casual, no commitment
  5. Bang: Crude term for sex
  6. One-Night Stand: Single night affair
  7. Quickie: Very short sexual encounter
  8. Mingle: Socialize for possible hookup
  9. Shag: British term for sex
  10. Netflix and Chill: Watch TV, implied sex
  11. DTF: “Down to f*ck”
  12. Casual: Non-serious sexual encounter
  13. Hit It: Slang for sexual intercourse
  14. Lay: Old term for sex
  15. Tinderella: Met for hookup on Tinder
  16. Snuggle: Mild; more about cuddling
  17. Roll in the Hay: Quick, rustic encounter
  18. Friends with Benefits: Friends, but sexual
  19. Romp: Playful, fun sexual encounter
  20. Sext: Texts for arranging sex

Use of Hookup Slang in Example Sentences

  1. They had a summer fling while on vacation.
  2. He wanted to smash, no questions asked.
  3. She gave him a booty call after midnight.
  4. It was definitely a no-strings situation.
  5. They decided to bang, then went separate ways.
  6. It was just a one-night stand, nothing more.
  7. They managed a quickie during lunch break.
  8. He went to the bar to mingle.
  9. She wanted to shag, so they did.
  10. They decided to Netflix and Chill tonight.
  11. He texted, asking if she was DTF.
  12. They had a casual thing last weekend.
  13. She just wanted to hit it and quit it.
  14. He was looking for a quick lay.
  15. She was his Tinderella for the evening.
  16. They decided to just snuggle for the night.
  17. They had a roll in the hay at the barn party.
  18. They were friends with benefits, nothing more.
  19. They enjoyed a playful romp in the sheets.
  20. They sent a sext to arrange the details.

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