20+ Slang for Gay (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Gay Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Pertaining to or exhibiting sexual attraction to members of one’s own gender. Often used broadly for the LGBTQ+ community.

Slang For Gay

Slang Words for Gay

  1. Queer: Broad term for non-heterosexual.
  2. Lesbo: Specifically refers to a lesbian.
  3. Homo: Short for homosexual.
  4. Bent: British slang for homosexual.
  5. Fairy: Older, sometimes derogatory term.
  6. Fruit: Older slang can be derogatory.
  7. Butch: Typically masculine in appearance/behavior.
  8. Femme: Typically feminine in appearance/behavior.
  9. Twink: Young, slender, hairless gay man.
  10. Bear: Bigger, often hairy gay man.
  11. Queen: Flamboyant or effeminate gay man.
  12. Dyke: Slang for lesbian, can be reclaimed.
  13. Trade: Attractive, “straight-acting” gay man.
  14. Lipstick: Feminine-presenting lesbian.
  15. Drag: Referring to drag queen culture.
  16. Kiki: Fun gathering or chat among gays.
  17. Otter: Slim but hairy gay man.
  18. PnP: Party and play; drugs and sex.
  19. Disco: Referring to gay club culture.
  20. Ace: Short for asexual; no sexual attraction.

Use of Gay Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’ve always felt more comfortable in queer spaces.
  2. She identified herself as a lesbo.
  3. That movie explores homo culture.
  4. He realized he was bent in college.
  5. Old films sometimes portrayed him as a fairy.
  6. Some use fruit in a playful manner.
  7. She has a butch appearance and attitude.
  8. With her femme style, she stole the show.
  9. That celebrity is the latest twink sensation.
  10. He’s a bear and proud of his physique.
  11. He’s the life of the party, such a queen.
  12. Some bands are popular in the dyke community.
  13. Many found him attractive, calling him trade.
  14. She’s a lipstick lesbian and loves fashion.
  15. He got famous from drag shows downtown.
  16. They had a kiki last night, full of laughs.
  17. Slim and hairy, he identifies as an otter.
  18. PnP culture can be risky.
  19. The disco era was iconic for gay rights.
  20. Not all ace individuals are aromantic.

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