20+ Slang for Making Fun of Someone (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Making Fun of Someone Mean?

“Making fun of someone” involves mocking, ridiculing, or teasing an individual in a lighthearted or hurtful manner, often at their expense, with the intention of generating amusement or laughter from others or oneself. This behavior can vary in tone from playful banter to more hurtful taunting.

Slang For Making Fun of Someone

Slang Words for Making Fun of Someone

Here is the list of slang words for Making Fun of Someone with meanings:

  1. Roasting – Criticizing someone humorously and harshly.
  2. Ragging – Teasing someone in a playful manner.
  3. Clowning – Jokingly making someone the subject of amusement.
  4. Joning – Engaging in a playful verbal battle.
  5. Ribbing – Teasing or making fun in a friendly way.
  6. Shading – Subtly making disparaging remarks.
  7. Trolling – Intentionally annoying someone for amusement.
  8. Dissing – Speaking disrespectfully about someone.
  9. Dragging – Criticizing someone intensely and publicly.
  10. Flaming – Attacking someone online with harsh words.
  11. Rinsing – Repeatedly mocking someone.
  12. Busting – Pointing out someone’s faults humorously.
  13. Mocking – Imitating in a ridiculing manner.
  14. Slaying – Dominating someone with wit or humor.
  15. Shading – Throwing subtle insults.
  16. Roofing – Overpowering someone in a humorous debate.
  17. Dunking – Pointedly ridiculing someone online.
  18. Jesting – Making light-hearted or mocking remarks.
  19. Joking – Making fun in a light manner.
  20. Poking – Prodding or teasing in jest.

Use of Making Fun of Someone Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Making Fun of Someone:

  1. She’s always roasting him about his fashion choices.
  2. They spent the evening ragging on each other’s old photos.
  3. Stop clowning around and be serious for once.
  4. At the party, they were joning each other non-stop.
  5. He was ribbing her about her childhood nickname.
  6. I could sense she was shading me with her comments.
  7. Online gamers are known for trolling their opponents.
  8. She didn’t appreciate him dissing her in front of everyone.
  9. Fans are dragging the celebrity for his recent actions.
  10. The forum was full of users flaming each other.
  11. He kept rinsing her for that mistake she made last week.
  12. She’s always busting on him for his weird dance moves.
  13. His impression was clearly mocking the politician.
  14. With that comeback, she was slaying him in the argument.
  15. Can’t believe she was shading me in front of everyone.
  16. He tried debating, but ended up getting roofed by her wit.
  17. On Twitter, everyone was dunking on the latest celebrity mishap.
  18. It’s all in good spirit; he’s just jesting.
  19. I know you’re joking, but that wasn’t nice.
  20. She’s always poking fun at him for being clumsy.

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