20+ Slang for Chewing Tobacco (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Chewing Tobacco mean?

Chewing tobacco is a type of smokeless tobacco product consumed by placing a portion between the cheek and gum. It originated among indigenous peoples of the Americas and was later adopted by European settlers.

Slang For Chewing Tobacco

Slang Words for Chewing Tobacco

  1. Dip: A small portion of chewing tobacco.
  2. Chaw: Traditional term for tobacco chew.
  3. Plug: Brick of compressed chewing tobacco.
  4. Wad: A sizable chunk of tobacco.
  5. Pinch: Small amount taken between fingers.
  6. Pouch: Pre-packaged bag of tobacco dip.
  7. Quod: Rarely used term for tobacco chunk.
  8. Chew: General term for tobacco bite.
  9. Twist: Tobacco spun into a rope.
  10. Brick: Large, compressed block of tobacco.
  11. Nug: Short for “nugget” of tobacco.
  12. Leaf: Reference to the tobacco plant.
  13. Chewie: Casual term for tobacco portion.
  14. Pack: The act or amount of dipping.
  15. Spittoon: Receptacle for spitting out tobacco.
  16. Gob: Large amount, typically messy.
  17. Nib: Very small piece of tobacco.
  18. Stash: Personal stockpile of tobacco.
  19. Shred: Finely cut pieces of tobacco.
  20. Lumper: Big, unshapely chunk of tobacco.

Use of Chewing Tobacco Slang in Example Sentence

  1. Grabbed a dip before the long drive.
  2. Grandpa always had his chaw after lunch.
  3. He prefers a plug over loose tobacco.
  4. Gave me a huge wad to try.
  5. Just take a pinch; it’s strong stuff.
  6. I bought a pouch from the store.
  7. Ever heard of a quod? It’s old-school.
  8. Offered her a chew at the game.
  9. The twist has a unique, rustic flavor.
  10. That brick will last him a month.
  11. A nug is enough for a buzz.
  12. The leaf quality determines the taste.
  13. Handed him a chewie during the hike.
  14. How do you pack it so tight?
  15. Place your spittoon closer; it’s spilling everywhere.
  16. That’s a messy gob you got there.
  17. I’ll take a tiny nib, thanks.
  18. Checked my stash before the weekend.
  19. Some prefer their tobacco as shred.
  20. Watch out for that lumper, it’s huge!

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