30+ Slang for Tattoo (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Tattoo Mean?

A tattoo is a permanent design or mark made on the skin using ink and needles. It can be decorative, symbolic, or hold personal significance for the individual.

Slang For Tattoo

Slang Words for Tattoo

Here is the list of slang words for Tattoo with meanings:

  1. Ink: Colored design on skin.
  2. Tatt: Short for tattoo.
  3. Piece: Large, detailed tattoo.
  4. Stamp: Small, simple tattoo.
  5. Skin art: Decorative skin design.
  6. Mark: Permanent skin design.
  7. Tramp stamp: Lower back tattoo.
  8. Sleeve: Arm covered in tattoos.
  9. Tat-up: Get a tattoo.
  10. Banger: Impressive, stand-out tattoo.
  11. Flash: Pre-designed tattoo sample.
  12. Brand: Tattoo, marking style.
  13. Inked up: Heavily tattooed.
  14. Canvas: Tattooed skin area.
  15. Sticker: Simple, often small tattoo.
  16. Tribal: Indigenous inspired design.
  17. Graff: Tattoo resembling graffiti.
  18. Legit: Authentic, skilled tattoo.
  19. Blinker: Eye-catching, shiny tattoo.
  20. Threading: Delicate line work tattoo.
  21. Freshie: Newly done tattoo.
  22. Old school: Classic tattoo style.
  23. Biomech: Biomechanical design tattoo.
  24. Stain: Permanent skin marking.
  25. Masterpiece: Detailed, artistic tattoo.
  26. Tag: Personal signature-like tattoo.
  27. Drip: Stylish, trendy tattoo.
  28. Patch: Tattoo resembling a patch.
  29. Traditional: Vintage tattoo style.
  30. Blast over: Tattoo over another tattoo.

Use of Tattoo Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Tattoo:

  1. Got some new ink on my arm.
  2. Love your new tatt on the wrist.
  3. That dragon is a beautiful piece.
  4. She got a tiny heart stamp.
  5. His arm showcases impressive skin art.
  6. The mark on her ankle is symbolic.
  7. She regretted her tramp stamp later on.
  8. He’s working on a full sleeve now.
  9. Planning to tat-up before summer ends.
  10. That lion is a real banger!
  11. Chose my design from the flash sheet.
  12. His brand is so distinct and unique.
  13. Ever since college, he’s been inked up.
  14. Her back is a perfect canvas.
  15. The star on his wrist is a sticker.
  16. His tribal designs are truly intricate.
  17. The arm has colorful graff everywhere.
  18. That’s a legit work by a pro.
  19. The butterfly is such a blinker.
  20. Admire the threading on that floral design.
  21. Her freshie is still healing, be careful.
  22. He’s into old school sailor tattoos.
  23. The arm features a cool biomech.
  24. That red stain represents his passion.
  25. The mural on his back is a masterpiece.
  26. His nickname is a tag on his forearm.
  27. The rose with dew is pure drip.
  28. The American flag patch looks patriotic.
  29. He’s getting a traditional anchor next week.
  30. The phoenix is a blast over the initials.

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