30+ Slang for Tobacco (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Tobacco Mean?

Tobacco is a plant primarily grown for its leaves, which are dried and processed for smoking, chewing, or snuff. It contains nicotine, a stimulant that can lead to addiction.

Slang For Tobacco

Slang Words for Tobacco

Here is the list of slang words for Tobacco with meanings:

  1. Dip: Moist, ground tobacco, chewed.
  2. Chew: Chewing tobacco, placed between cheek and gum.
  3. Snuff: Fine-ground tobacco inhaled or “dipped”.
  4. Smokes: Cigarettes in general.
  5. Stogies: Typically refers to cigars.
  6. Cancer Stick: Slang for a cigarette.
  7. Squares: Another term for cigarettes.
  8. Rags: Rolling tobacco.
  9. Loosey: Single, sold cigarette.
  10. Bogey: Slang term for a cigarette.
  11. Stogie: Another term for a cigar.
  12. Pinch: A small amount of chew.
  13. Snus: Smokeless tobacco, placed under lip.
  14. Plug: Solid block of chewing tobacco.
  15. Nails: Derogatory term for cigarettes.
  16. Butts: Refers to cigarette ends.
  17. Gar: Short for cigar.
  18. Vape: Electronic alternative to smoking.
  19. Juul: Brand of e-cigarette.
  20. Stick: Referring to a single cigarette.
  21. Rollie: Hand-rolled cigarette.
  22. Durry: Australian slang for a cigarette.
  23. Fag: British slang for cigarette.
  24. Puff: A casual term for a cigarette.
  25. Baccy: Informal term for tobacco.
  26. Chaw: Another term for chewing tobacco.
  27. Tailor: Factory-made cigarette.
  28. Burner: Slang for cigarette.
  29. Gasper: Old slang for a cigarette.
  30. Wacky Baccy: Slang for marijuana, sometimes mixed with tobacco.

Use of Tobacco Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Tobacco:

  1. He offered me some dip at the party.
  2. Ever tried chew while watching baseball?
  3. She took a pinch of snuff discreetly.
  4. Got any spare smokes for the night?
  5. I enjoy stogies on special occasions.
  6. Quitting those cancer sticks improved my health.
  7. He bought a pack of squares downtown.
  8. She rolls her own with rags now.
  9. He bought a loosey from the corner shop.
  10. Can I bum a bogey off you?
  11. He lit a stogie after dinner.
  12. He took a pinch and sat back.
  13. I’ve switched from snuff to snus recently.
  14. That plug of tobacco lasts him days.
  15. Smoking those nails won’t do you good.
  16. The street was littered with cigarette butts.
  17. Let’s light up a gar to celebrate.
  18. I switched to a vape for health.
  19. She uses a Juul instead of cigarettes.
  20. Pass me that stick, please.
  21. He smokes rollies to save money.
  22. Pass me a durry, mate.
  23. Could I get a light for this fag?
  24. I need a quick puff before work.
  25. Bought some baccy for my grandfather.
  26. My uncle still prefers his chaw.
  27. He smokes tailor brands, not rollies.
  28. Lighting a burner calms his nerves.
  29. Grandpa called his old cigarettes gaspers.
  30. He mistakenly bought wacky baccy at the festival.

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