20+ Slang for Cigarettes (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Cigarettes Mean?

Cigarettes are thin cylinders of finely cut tobacco wrapped in paper that are ignited and smoked for inhalation of the resulting smoke. Originating from the French word “cigarette,” they gained popularity in the 19th century and are often associated with recreational use, but are also linked to health risks like cancer and heart disease.

Slang For Cigarettes

Slang Words for Cigarettes

  1. Stogies – Cheap cigars or cigarettes.
  2. Smokes – Generic term for cigarettes.
  3. Cigs – Short for cigarettes.
  4. Squares – Another term for cigarettes.
  5. Cancer sticks – Referring to health risks.
  6. Darts – Common term in Australia.
  7. Boges/Bogies – Casual slang for cigarettes.
  8. Butts – End parts of cigarettes.
  9. Cowboy killers – Nickname for Marlboros.
  10. Death sticks – Refers to health risks.
  11. Gaspers – Old slang for cigarettes.
  12. Nails – Referring to their dangers.
  13. Puffers – Casual name for cigarettes.
  14. Tailors – Factory-made cigarettes.
  15. Rollies – Hand-rolled cigarettes.
  16. Analogues – Traditional, non-electronic cigarettes.
  17. Durries – Australian slang for cigarettes.
  18. Fags – UK slang for cigarettes.
  19. Snouts – Prison slang for cigarettes.
  20. Rigs – Another slang term for cigarettes.

Use of Cigarettes Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He bought a pack of stogies for the weekend.
  2. I’m out of smokes, can I borrow one?
  3. She asked if I had any spare cigs.
  4. Can you pass me one of those squares?
  5. I’m trying to quit cancer sticks this year.
  6. He offered me one of his darts at the bar.
  7. She keeps a pack of boges in her purse.
  8. The ashtray was full of cigarette butts.
  9. He’s been smoking cowboy killers for years.
  10. Why are you still smoking those death sticks?
  11. My grandpa used to call them gaspers.
  12. Those nails are bad for your lungs.
  13. Hand me one of those puffers, please.
  14. He prefers tailors over hand-rolled cigarettes.
  15. She rolled her own rollies at the party.
  16. I switched from analogues to vaping.
  17. In Australia, they often call them durries.
  18. Could I bum a fag off you?
  19. He traded snouts for favors in prison.
  20. Do you have any extra rigs on you?

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