20+ Slang for Chicago (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Chicago Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Chicago is derived from a Native American word “shikaakwa,” meaning “wild onion” or “wild garlic.” It refers to the city in Illinois, USA.

Slang For Chicago

Slang Words for Chicago

  1. The Go: Chicago city.
  2. Windy City: Chicago nickname.
  3. L: The elevated train.
  4. Pop: Carbonated drink.
  5. Juke: Dance, especially energetically.
  6. Front Room: Living room.
  7. Dibs: Claimed parking space.
  8. Gym Shoes: Sneakers.
  9. Stroll: Street with high activity.
  10. Bust Down: Someone easy.
  11. On the G: For real.
  12. Lamp: Hang out.
  13. Bop: Dance.
  14. Goofy: Someone acting dumb.
  15. Joe: Dude or guy.
  16. Lick: Quick theft.
  17. Ope: Excuse me (Midwestern slang).
  18. Draggin’: Lying.
  19. Slide: Come over or visit.
  20. Thot: Promiscuous person.

Use of Chicago Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Have you visited The Go recently?
  2. The Windy City is bustling today.
  3. I’m taking the L to downtown today.
  4. I’d prefer a cola pop.
  5. They love to juke at the club.
  6. The TV’s in the front room.
  7. I called dibs on that chair.
  8. Where are my gym shoes?
  9. The nightlife on that stroll is amazing.
  10. She’s just a bust down, be careful.
  11. I swear, it’s true, on the G.
  12. Let’s lamp at my place later.
  13. Watch her bop to the beat!
  14. Why’s he acting so goofy today?
  15. Hey Joe, where you headed?
  16. He made a quick lick at the store.
  17. Ope, didn’t see you there!
  18. I think he’s draggin’ about his grades.
  19. Can I slide by your place?
  20. She’s known as a thot in school.

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