40+ Slang for Weed Dealer (with their Uses)

What does Weed Dealer Mean?

A weed dealer is an informal term referring to an individual who illegally sells or distributes marijuana, a psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant. This term is associated with the illegal drug trade and can have legal consequences.

Slang for Weed Dealer

Slang Words for Weed Dealer

Here is the list of slang words for Weed dealer:

  1. Bud seller
  2. Herb merchant
  3. Ganja peddler
  4. Pot purveyor
  5. Grass vendor
  6. Mary Jane trader
  7. Reefer source
  8. Kush supplier
  9. Joint retailer
  10. Green connect
  11. Dank dispenser
  12. Cannabis merchant
  13. Blunt seller
  14. Smoke supplier
  15. Dope distributor
  16. Tree source
  17. Nug retailer
  18. Blaze peddler
  19. Sticky icky seller
  20. Budslinger
  21. Chronic vendor
  22. Sticky greens merchant
  23. Herb pusher
  24. Wacky tobaccy dealer
  25. Hydroponic supplier
  26. Spliff retailer
  27. Leaf pusher
  28. Skunk merchant
  29. Jointsmith
  30. Mary Jane dealer
  31. Spliff slinger
  32. Pot broker
  33. Sativa peddler
  34. Indica source
  35. Grass peddler
  36. Dank connect
  37. Bud pusher
  38. Smoke slinger
  39. Cannabis source
  40. Blunt merchant

Use of Weed Dealer Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Found a great deal from a bud seller.
  2. Met up with my favorite herb merchant.
  3. Got some quality stuff from a ganja peddler.
  4. My neighbor is a discreet pot purveyor.
  5. Visited the local market for a grass vendor.
  6. Caught up with a friend, the Mary Jane trader.
  7. Called up my trusted reefer source again.
  8. Went to the city for a reliable kush supplier.
  9. Checked out the new joint retailer downtown.
  10. Finally connected with my long-lost green connect.
  11. The party was wild, thanks to the dank dispenser.
  12. The festival had some renowned cannabis merchants.
  13. Sharing stories with the local blunt seller there.
  14. Old friends are the best smoke suppliers around.
  15. Heard about a new dope distributor in town.
  16. The forest is my peaceful tree-source getaway.
  17. My go-to nug retailer never disappoints me.
  18. Picked up some wraps from the Blaze peddler.
  19. The neighborhood’s known for its sticky icky sellers.
  20. True entrepreneurs, they’re a seasoned budslinger.
  21. Always impressed by the variety at the chronic vendor.
  22. That garden is run by a sticky greens merchant.
  23. My brother used to be quite the herb pusher.
  24. Visited Amsterdam and tried the famous wacky tobaccy.
  25. Learned about hydroponics from a skilled supplier.
  26. Rolled up a joint with help from a spliff retailer.
  27. Reconnected with the leaf pusher from college.
  28. The skunk aroma led me to a skunk merchant.
  29. My cousin’s a talented jointsmith in Colorado.
  30. My friend introduced me to a local Mary Jane dealer.
  31. The music festival had a popular spliff slinger.
  32. Met a well-connected pot broker at the party.
  33. Tried a new strain from the Sativa peddler.
  34. The relaxation effect of an Indica source is amazing.
  35. Our camping trip was supplied by a grass peddler.
  36. Met someone who’s an excellent dank connect.
  37. The city’s most reliable bud pusher is back.
  38. Shared laughs with the best smoke slinger around.
  39. Checked out the latest at the cannabis source.
  40. The party got rolling thanks to a blunt merchant.

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