20+ Slang for Military (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Military Mean?

“Military” refers to the organized and official armed forces of a country or state, responsible for defense, security, and warfare, typically including the army, navy, air force, and other branches. It encompasses the personnel, equipment, strategies, and operations used to protect and uphold national interests.

Slang For Military

Slang Words for Military

Here is the list of slang words for Military with meanings:

  1. Grunt: A basic infantryman, often in the army.
  2. Squid: A member of the navy, typically a sailor.
  3. Zoomie: Air Force personnel, especially pilots.
  4. Jarhead: A U.S. Marine, originating from their haircut.
  5. Wingnut: Air Force mechanic or aircraft technician.
  6. Puddle pirate: A U.S. Coast Guard member.
  7. Leg: Non-airborne, regular infantry soldier.
  8. Bird: Helicopter, especially in combat zones.
  9. Boots: New recruits or inexperienced soldiers.
  10. Chair force: Derogatory term for the Air Force.
  11. Dirt sailor: Navy personnel assigned to land duties.
  12. Ground pounder: Infantry soldier, especially in combat.
  13. Leatherneck: Another term for a U.S. Marine.
  14. Mud duck: Navy or Coast Guard diver.
  15. Sky jockey: A pilot, typically in the Air Force.
  16. Tanker: A soldier who operates tanks.
  17. Topside: Above deck on a naval ship.
  18. Swabbie: A sailor, particularly in the navy.
  19. Flyboy: Air Force pilot, often in combat zones.
  20. Rifleman: Basic infantry soldier, armed with a rifle.

Use of Military Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of Military:

  1. She married a grunt from her hometown.
  2. My cousin’s a squid, and loves the sea.
  3. My brother, the zoomie, just got promoted.
  4. Never challenge a jarhead to a push-up contest.
  5. The wingnut fixed the engine in no time.
  6. That puddle pirate rescued three people today.
  7. He started as a leg before joining the paratroopers.
  8. The bird landed just in time to evacuate us.
  9. Those boots are still learning the ropes.
  10. Jokingly, they called him “chair force” for his desk job.
  11. That dirt sailor hasn’t seen the ocean in years.
  12. The ground pounder returned with tales of bravery.
  13. A true leatherneck, he served for 20 years.
  14. The mud duck recovered the lost treasure.
  15. That sky jockey can maneuver any plane.
  16. The tanker showed us how to operate it.
  17. Stay topside if you want a good view.
  18. A swabbie knows every knot by heart.
  19. The flyboy executed a perfect landing.
  20. Every rifleman stood ready at the frontline.

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