30+ Slang for Cheat (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Cheat Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Cheat means to act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage. Its origin traces back to the Old French word “cheater,” meaning “to deceive.”

Slang For Cheat

Slang Words for Cheat

  1. Finesse: Trick or manipulate someone cleverly.
  2. Jug: Deceive to achieve one’s purpose.
  3. Finagle: Obtain by clever or deceitful means.
  4. Hustle: Deceive for personal gain.
  5. Dupe: Deceptively cause someone to act.
  6. Bamboozle: Fool or cheat someone.
  7. Con: Persuade by deception or fraud.
  8. Gank: Steal or take without permission.
  9. Scam: A dishonest scheme or fraud.
  10. Swindle: Obtain by fraud or deceit.
  11. Jive: Deceptive or insincere talk.
  12. Fleece: Obtain a lot of money deceptively.
  13. Diddle: Cheat or swindle someone.
  14. Flimflam: Deceptive or nonsensical talk.
  15. Rook: Cheat or steal from someone.
  16. Gyp: Defraud or cheat.
  17. Hoodwink: Deceive or trick someone.
  18. Chisel: Obtain something by cheating.
  19. Rip-off: An act of cheating or swindling.
  20. Stiff: Cheat someone out of something.
  21. Grift: Engage in petty or small-scale swindling.
  22. Bilk: Obtain money deceitfully.
  23. Shaft: Treat someone unfairly.
  24. Skunk: Defeat thoroughly or cheat.
  25. Snooker: Deceive or outmaneuver someone.
  26. Hose: Cheat or deceive someone.
  27. Clout: Use influence to gain advantage.
  28. Dodge: Avoid by clever or deceitful means.
  29. Zigzag: Change directions or evade.
  30. Juggle: Manipulate or arrange dishonestly.

Slang Words for Cheating

  1. Step out – Cheat in relationships.
  2. Two-time – Deceive a partner.
  3. Play away – Infidelity in relationships.
  4. Side piece – Another lover.
  5. Creep – Cheat discreetly.
  6. Slide – Secretly cheat.
  7. Juggle – Maintain multiple relationships.
  8. Mack on – Flirt or cheat.
  9. Tip out – Sneak out to cheat.
  10. Pull a fast one – Deceptive trick.
  11. Playa – Person with multiple partners.
  12. Crib – Copy someone’s work.
  13. Peep – Look secretly (usually at answers).
  14. Cop – Steal (usually answers).
  15. Ghost – Copy without detection.
  16. Sneak – Cheat discreetly.
  17. Dog – Person who cheats.
  18. Mess around – Engage in infidelity.
  19. Kick it – Cheat casually.
  20. Cut corners – Cheat to save effort.

Use of Cheat Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. He tried to finesse me out of my ticket.
  2. Don’t let him jug you like that.
  3. She managed to finagle a free meal.
  4. That’s a smooth hustle you’ve got there.
  5. He managed to dupe her into signing.
  6. You tried to bamboozle the teacher?
  7. They’ll try to con you with sweet talk.
  8. Someone gank my headphones during gym.
  9. That sounds like a classic scam to me.
  10. They managed to swindle him out of $1000.
  11. Stop giving me that jive, tell the truth.
  12. They plan to fleece tourists in the area.
  13. She would diddle customers with fake goods.
  14. His story was all flimflam from the start.
  15. You got rook buying that fake watch.
  16. Don’t gyp me out of my change.
  17. The magician would hoodwink the audience.
  18. He’ll chisel you if you’re not careful.
  19. That’s a complete rip-off, avoid it.
  20. She managed to stiff him at the diner.
  21. His main job was to grift
  22. They tried to bilk the elderly woman.
  23. Why do you always try to shaft me?
  24. He’ll skunk you in that card game.
  25. He’s known to snooker rookies in pool.
  26. He will hose you with those prices.
  27. She would clout her way into the event.
  28. Always trying to dodge responsibility, aren’t you?
  29. He would zigzag through his explanations.
  30. Politicians sometimes juggle their financial records.

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