20 Slang for Talking Too Much (2024)

What does Talking Too Much Mean?

“Talking too much” refers to the act of excessive and continuous verbal communication, often without allowing others to participate in the conversation. It typically involves individuals dominating discussions and failing to listen or consider the input of others, potentially leading to annoyance or ineffectiveness in communication.

Slang For Talking Too Much

Slang Words for Talking Too Much

Here is the list of slang words for Talking Too Much with meanings:

  1. Chatterbox: Always talking, never silent.
  2. Gibberish: Nonsensical or irrelevant talk.
  3. Blabber: Talks without thinking first.
  4. Yap: Constant, often annoying talk.
  5. Jabber: Rapid and excited speech.
  6. Yammer: Loud, repetitive talking.
  7. Gasbag: Full of hot air (talk).
  8. Windbag: Talks for prolonged periods.
  9. Prattle: Babbling about unimportant things.
  10. Motor-mouth: Speaks extremely fast.
  11. Babble: Talk rapidly without making sense.
  12. Natter: Casual, often pointless chat.
  13. Ramble: Talks without clear direction.
  14. Chirp: Talk in a lively manner.
  15. Blather: Talk without substance.
  16. Twaddle: Talk nonsense.
  17. Yatter: On-going, often trivial talk.
  18. Riff: Frequent, often off-topic chat.
  19. Yak: Talk at length about nothing.
  20. Jibber-jabber: Nonsense or irrelevant talk.

Use of Talking Too Much Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Sarah’s such a chatterbox at meetings.
  2. What’s all this gibberish about aliens?
  3. Don’t blabber on without checking facts.
  4. I wish he’d stop his constant yap.
  5. She tends to jabber when she’s nervous.
  6. Why does he always yammer at parties?
  7. Uncle Joe is a real gasbag at reunions.
  8. The professor is a notorious windbag.
  9. She’ll prattle on about her cat for hours.
  10. Tim’s a motor-mouth when discussing cars.
  11. I can’t follow, he just babbles on.
  12. Let’s have a quick natter over coffee.
  13. He tends to ramble without a set topic.
  14. She’ll chirp on about her day.
  15. Stop your blather and get to the point.
  16. What’s this twaddle about moon cheese?
  17. Friends always yatter during brunch.
  18. Musicians tend to riff about their experiences.
  19. Sometimes they just yak without a purpose.
  20. Enough with the jibber-jabber; be clear!

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