20+ Slang for Crystal Meth (with Meanings & Uses)

What does Crystal Meth mean?

Crystal Meth, short for Crystal Methamphetamine, is a highly addictive and potent synthetic stimulant drug that originates from amphetamine derivatives and gained prominence as a recreational drug.

Slang For Crystal Meth

Slang Words for Crystal Meth

  1. Glass: Clear form of methamphetamine.
  2. Ice: The purest form of the drug.
  3. Crank: Low-grade, impure meth.
  4. Tina: Another term for meth.
  5. Shards: Crystal-like pieces of meth.
  6. Blue: Meth with blue hue/purity.
  7. Christina: Another name variation for meth.
  8. Chalk: Powdery form of meth.
  9. Chicken feed: Cheap, low-grade meth.
  10. Bathtub crank: Poorly-made homemade meth.
  11. Biker’s coffee: Meth in liquid form.
  12. Crystal: Pure crystallized meth.
  13. Go: Meth used to stay awake.
  14. Zip: High energy from meth.
  15. Rock: Hardened form of meth.
  16. Clear: Transparent form of meth.
  17. Speed: Methamphetamine for a quick high.
  18. Yaba: Pill form of meth.
  19. Trash: Low-quality, impure meth.
  20. Gak: Cheap or low-quality meth.

Use of Crystal Meth Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He got caught with some glass last night.
  2. They found a bag of ice in his car.
  3. The dealer sold him some crank last week.
  4. She stopped hanging out with Tina users.
  5. Look at those shards on the table.
  6. That blue hue indicates high purity.
  7. John used to buy Christina from a dealer.
  8. There was chalk all over his pocket.
  9. He sold some chicken feed to teenagers.
  10. Avoid that bathtub crank, it’s dangerous.
  11. She drank some biker’s coffee before the race.
  12. The cop found a bag of crystals in the glove box.
  13. Many use go to work longer hours.
  14. That zip made him feel invincible.
  15. The rock form is often smoked.
  16. That clear stuff is highly potent.
  17. Speed is his drug of choice.
  18. Yaba pills are popular in some regions.
  19. The dealer sells trash at a low price.
  20. Stay away from that gak, it’s harmful.

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