Six Plural, What is the Plural of Six?

Meaning: equivalent to the product of two and three

Plural of Six

Singular Plural
six sixes

 Synonyms of Six

  • sextuple
  • senary
  • semestral
  • hexagonal
  • hexadic

Six as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I only have six minutes to get ready.
  2. The train is scheduled to arrive at six o’clock.
  3. She won the race by a margin of just six
  4. He was the sixth person in line.
  5. The temperature dropped to six degrees Celsius.
  6. The play was divided into six
  7. The cake had six layers and was beautifully decorated.
  8. She needed to solve the math problem in six
  9. The car was traveling at six miles per hour.
  10. The recipe calls for six cups of flour.

Six as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They bought a set of six wine glasses.
  2. The store was offering a special discount on packs of six.
  3. The group of friends split into sixes for the game.
  4. They organized the items into groups of sixes.
  5. The children were divided into teams of six.
  6. The party favors were handed out in sixes.
  7. They collected six seashells during their beach trip.
  8. The shirts were sold in bundles of six.
  9. The restaurant only had tables for groups of six.
  10. The winning lottery numbers included a six.

Singular Possessive of Six

The singular possessive form of “Six” is “Six’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Six:

  1. Six’s birthday is in the month of June.
  2. I admire Six’s determination and resilience.
  3. The teacher praised Six’s problem-solving skills.
  4. Six’s curiosity led to new discoveries.
  5. We celebrated Six’s accomplishment with a party.
  6. Six’s imagination knows no bounds.
  7. Six’s ideas brought innovation to the project.
  8. The artwork reflected Six’s unique perspective.
  9. Six’s enthusiasm is infectious.
  10. The note was addressed to Six’s parents.

Plural Possessive of Six

The plural possessive form of “Six” is “Sixes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Six:

  1. The board displayed the sixes’ achievements.
  2. The athletes trained hard for the sixes’ competition.
  3. Sixes’ teamwork was commendable.
  4. The judges praised the sixes’ performances.
  5. The survey collected data from multiple sixes’ perspectives.
  6. The report analyzed the trends across different sixes’.
  7. The teacher evaluated the sixes’ written assignments.
  8. The committee acknowledged the efforts of the dedicated sixes’.
  9. The celebration honored the accomplishments of the graduating sixes’.
  10. The yearbook captured the memories of the senior sixes’.

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