Handkerchief Plural, What is the Plural of Handkerchief?


The meaning of Handkerchief is a square of cotton or other finely woven material intended for wiping one’s nose.

Plural of Handkerchief

Singular Plural
Handkerchief Handkerchiefs

Synonyms of Handkerchief

  • bandana
  • scarf
  • hankie
  • neckerchief

Handkerchief as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He wiped his forehead with a damp handkerchief.
  2. The embroidered handkerchief was a sentimental gift.
  3. She kept a handkerchief in her purse for emergencies.
  4. The lace-trimmed handkerchief added a touch of elegance.
  5. He blew his nose into the handkerchief.
  6. The monogrammed handkerchief belonged to his grandfather.
  7. She unfolded the scented handkerchief and took a deep breath.
  8. The silk handkerchief was delicate and luxurious.
  9. He offered her his handkerchief when she started crying.
  10. The colorful handkerchief peeked out of his pocket.

Handkerchief as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She bought several embroidered handkerchiefs as souvenirs.
  2. The handkerchiefs were neatly folded in a drawer.
  3. They distributed scented handkerchiefs as party favors.
  4. The lace-trimmed handkerchiefs were on display at the boutique.
  5. He carried a set of monogrammed handkerchiefs with him.
  6. The vintage handkerchiefs were a collector’s item.
  7. They embroidered their initials on the corner of the handkerchiefs.
  8. The embroidered floral patterns adorned the cotton handkerchiefs.
  9. She used the soft cotton handkerchiefs to wipe away tears.
  10. The antique shop sold a variety of delicate lace handkerchiefs.

Singular Possessive of Handkerchief

The singular possessive form of “Handkerchief” is “Handkerchief’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Handkerchief:

  1. She embroidered her initials on the handkerchief’s corner.
  2. He wiped his tears with the handkerchief’s soft fabric.
  3. The woman lost her favorite handkerchief’s lace border.
  4. The gentleman used the handkerchief’s edge to clean his glasses.
  5. She unfolded the handkerchief’s delicate pattern with care.
  6. The bride held the handkerchief’s embroidered edge during the ceremony.
  7. He found comfort in the handkerchief’s familiar scent.
  8. The antique dealer appraised the handkerchief’s age and value.
  9. She pressed the handkerchief’s silky texture against her cheek.
  10. The artist painted a still life featuring a colorful handkerchief’s fold.

Plural Possessive of Handkerchief

The plural possessive form of “Handkerchief” is “Handkerchiefs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Handkerchief:

  1. They embroidered their initials on the handkerchiefs’ corners.
  2. The laundry service returned the clean handkerchiefs’ neatly folded.
  3. The store offered a discount on the handkerchiefs’ monogramming service.
  4. She collected antique handkerchiefs’ intricate designs.
  5. He bought a set of embroidered handkerchiefs’ for his mother.
  6. The bride’s maids carried lace-trimmed handkerchiefs’ during the wedding.
  7. The designer showcased a collection of silk handkerchiefs’ in various colors.
  8. The auction featured rare and valuable handkerchiefs’ from different eras.
  9. They packaged the scented handkerchiefs’ in a gift box.
  10. The tailor sewed the initials onto the handkerchiefs’ corners with precision.

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