Ski Plural, What is the Plural of Ski?

Meaning: a pair of long material, fastened under the feet to travel on snow

Plural of Ski


 Synonyms of Ski

  • wedel
  • water ski
  • travel
  • slalom
  • schuss
  • locomote
  • hot-dog
  • go

Ski as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He glided down the slope on a single ski.
  2. She lost her balance and fell on her ski.
  3. He bought a new pair of high-performance ski.
  4. The instructor showed them how to properly adjust their ski.
  5. She enjoyed the adrenaline rush of downhill ski.
  6. The resort offered lessons for beginners to learn how to ski.
  7. The snow glistened under the ski as he carved his way down.
  8. The boots were a perfect fit for her ski.
  9. He took a deep breath before launching himself off the ski.
  10. She felt a sense of freedom as she glided on her ski.

Ski as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They rented a pair of skis for the weekend.
  2. The shop sells a wide variety of skis for different terrains.
  3. The family enjoys going on skis trips together.
  4. The group went on a thrilling adventure with their skis.
  5. They strapped on their skis and hit the slopes.
  6. The resort had a special offer on renting multiple skis.
  7. They purchased new skis before the start of the season.
  8. The athletes showcased their skills on their respective skis.
  9. They were excited to try out the latest model of skis.
  10. The skis left tracks in the fresh snow as they skied down.

Singular Possessive of Ski

The singular possessive form of “Ski” is “Ski’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ski:

  1. Ski’s edges were sharpened for better grip.
  2. I rented Ski’s equipment for the trip.
  3. The instructor complimented Ski’s technique.
  4. Ski’s thrill is unmatched on snowy slopes.
  5. We admired Ski’s agility and grace.
  6. Ski’s boots fit perfectly for comfort.
  7. Ski’s poles helped with balance and control.
  8. The ski resort showcased Ski’s breathtaking views.
  9. Ski’s helmet provided safety on the slopes.
  10. The note had Ski’s name written on it.

Plural Possessive of Ski

The plural possessive form of “Ski” is “Skis'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ski:

  1. The rental shop offered a variety of skis’.
  2. The slopes were filled with enthusiastic skis’.
  3. Skis’ bindings were adjusted for each skier.
  4. The snowboarders watched the skis’ graceful descents.
  5. The athletes trained with different types of skis’.
  6. The ski lodge stored the skis’ overnight.
  7. The competitors showcased their skills on the skis’.
  8. The ski school provided lessons for beginners with their own skis’.
  9. The enthusiasts discussed the performance of various brands of skis’.
  10. The ski trip captured the excitement of the friends with their skis’.

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