Shy Plural, What is the Plural of Shy?

Meaning: nervous or timid

Plural of Shy

Singular Plural
shy shies

Synonyms of Shy

  • withdrawn
  • wary
  • unconfident
  • timorous
  • timid
  • suspicious
  • shrinking
  • sheepish
  • self-effacing
  • self-conscious
  • retiring
  • reticent
  • reserved
  • repressed
  • reluctant
  • nervous
  • mousy
  • modest
  • meek
  • introverted
  • insecure
  • inhibited
  • humble
  • hesitant
  • fearful
  • embarrassed
  • doubting
  • diffident
  • demure
  • coy
  • constrained
  • chary

Shy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. His shy prevented him from speaking in public.
  2. The child’s shy made it hard to make friends.
  3. She struggled with social interactions due to her shy.
  4. Can you overcome your shy and introduce yourself?
  5. The shy prevented him from participating in group activities.
  6. The actress had to overcome her shy for her role.
  7. The dog’s shy made it wary of strangers.
  8. The student’s shy disappeared after joining the drama club.
  9. The toddler’s shy vanished when playing with other children.
  10. The girl’s shy became more pronounced in new situations.

Shy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The shy of kittens hid under the couch.
  2. The birds flew away at the approach of the shy.
  3. The animal sanctuary cared for injured shy.
  4. Can you spot the group of shy hiding in the trees?
  5. The hunter tracked the elusive shy in the forest.
  6. The park ranger observed a shy of deer.
  7. The zoo had a display of endangered shy.
  8. The biologist studied the behavior of shy in their natural habitat.
  9. The safari guide pointed out the shy in the distance.
  10. The photographer captured a beautiful image of a shy.

Singular Possessive of Shy

The singular possessive form of “Shy” is “Shy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Shy

  1. Shy’s introverted nature makes socializing challenging.
  2. Please respect Shy’s personal space.
  3. The teacher encourages Shy’s participation in class.
  4. I appreciate Shy’s quiet and thoughtful demeanor.
  5. Shy’s hesitation to speak up is understandable.
  6. The counselor provided support for Shy’s anxiety.
  7. Shy’s sensitivity requires understanding and patience.
  8. The group respected Shy’s decision to observe.
  9. Shy’s talents often go unnoticed by others.
  10. The parents embraced and nurtured Shy’s uniqueness.

Plural Possessive of Shy

The plural possessive form of “Shy” is “Shies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Shy

  1. The Shies’ reserved behavior is a common characteristic.
  2. We should appreciate and accept Shies’ individuality.
  3. The workshop focused on building confidence for Shies’.
  4. The group created a safe space for Shies’ to express themselves.
  5. Shies’ vulnerability can lead to profound insights.
  6. The teacher tailored the lesson to accommodate Shies’ learning styles.
  7. Shies’ reticence may hide hidden talents.
  8. The team embraced Shies’ contributions in their own unique ways.
  9. Shies’ creative expression often surprises others.
  10. The support group provided encouragement for Shies’ self-growth.

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