Bank Plural, What is the plural of Bank?

Meaning of Bank

The meaning of BANK is: the land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake.

Singular and Plural of Bank

The plural of Bank is banks.

Singular Plural
Bank Banks

Bank as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The grand architecture of the old bank stood out in the city center.
  2. The teller at the bank assisted customers with their transactions.
  3. The businessman withdrew a large sum of money from his bank.
  4. The bank offered competitive interest rates on savings accounts.
  5. The robber demanded cash from the terrified bank employees.
  6. The mortgage advisor explained the loan options available at the bank.
  7. The central bank implemented measures to stabilize the economy.
  8. The ATM outside the bank provided convenient access to cash.
  9. The customer deposited a check into the bank account.
  10. The financial analyst monitored the performance of the stock market and its impact on the bank.

Bank as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The city had multiple branches of national and international banks.
  2. The financial district was filled with tall buildings housing various banks.
  3. The entrepreneurs sought loans from different banks to fund their startup.
  4. The global banks played a crucial role in the world economy.
  5. The banks implemented security measures to protect customers’ accounts.
  6. The online banking system allowed users to access their accounts across different banks.
  7. The investors analyzed the annual reports of different banks before making investment decisions.
  8. The financial crisis of 2008 impacted the stability of many major banks.
  9. The banks collaborated to launch a joint initiative to support small businesses.
  10. The currency exchange provided services for travelers at multiple international banks.

Singular Possessive of Bank 

The singular possessive form of “Bank” is “Bank’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bank:

  1. The bank’s vault contained valuable treasures.
  2. The teller guided the customer to the bank’s loan department.
  3. The entrepreneur sought the bank’s financial assistance.
  4. The accountant managed the finances in the bank’s books.
  5. The security guard protected the bank’s assets.
  6. The manager reviewed the bank’s performance metrics.
  7. The customer deposited money in the bank’s savings account.
  8. The executive attended the bank’s board meeting.
  9. The economist analyzed the bank’s interest rate policies.
  10. The investor studied the bank’s annual report for insights.

Plural Possessive of Bank 

The plural possessive form of “Bank” is “Banks'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bank:

  1. The CEOs of different banks’ attended the conference.
  2. The regulators monitored the banks’ compliance with regulations.
  3. The customers compared interest rates across multiple banks’.
  4. The analysts assessed the banks’ financial stability.
  5. The shareholders reviewed the performance of various banks’.
  6. The economists analyzed the impact of banks’ lending practices.
  7. The industry experts discussed the banks’ role in the economy.
  8. The government enacted policies to ensure the stability of banks’.
  9. The competition among banks’ led to improved services for customers.
  10. The financial sector relied on the trustworthiness of banks’ operations.

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