Cervix Plural, What is the Plural of Cervix?

Meaning: the narrow passage forming the lower end of the uterus.

Plural of CERVIX

Singular Plural
Cervix Cervixs

Synonyms of CERVIX

  • collar
  • nape
  • cape
  • isthmus
  • scruff

Cervix as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor performed a routine examination of the cervix.
  2. The woman experienced pain in her cervix during childbirth.
  3. The gynecologist explained the importance of regular cervix
  4. Can you explain the function of the cervix?
  5. The nurse checked the dilation of the woman’s cervix.
  6. The cancer screening includes a check of the cervix.
  7. The medical student studied the anatomy of the cervix.
  8. The doctor used a speculum to examine the patient’s cervix.
  9. The woman felt cramping in her lower abdomen near the cervix.
  10. The pap smear test detects abnormalities in the cervix.

Cervix as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s cervices for signs of infection.
  2. The gynecologist specializes in disorders of the female cervices.
  3. The researchers studied the effects of HPV on multiple cervices.
  4. Can you explain the differences between healthy and abnormal cervices?
  5. The medical team performed biopsies on several abnormal cervices.
  6. The screening program aims to detect early-stage abnormalities in women’s cervices.
  7. The examination showed no abnormalities in the women’s cervices.
  8. The educational brochure explained the importance of regular check-ups for women’s cervices.
  9. The research study analyzed data from thousands of women’s cervices.
  10. The medical journal published a study on the prevalence of HPV in different cervices.

Singular Possessive of Cervix

The singular possessive form of “Cervix” is “Cervix’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cervix:

  1. The Cervix’s role in reproduction is crucial.
  2. She had a surgery on her Cervix’s abnormal cells.
  3. The doctor examined the Cervix’s condition carefully.
  4. The health of the Cervix’s lining affects fertility.
  5. The pain was coming from the Cervix’s sensitive area.
  6. The nurse checked the Cervix’s dilation during labor.
  7. The Cervix’s position can vary throughout the menstrual cycle.
  8. The Cervix’s mucus changes consistency during ovulation.
  9. The Cervix’s opening allows the passage of menstrual blood.
  10. The doctor performed a biopsy on the Cervix’s abnormal tissue.

Plural Possessive of Cervix

The plural possessive form of “Cervix” is “Cervices'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cervix:

  1. The Cervices’ functions in the female reproductive system are vital.
  2. The doctor examined the Cervices’ health using a speculum.
  3. The nurse monitored the Cervices’ position during labor.
  4. The Cervices’ changes in texture indicate hormonal fluctuations.
  5. The examination revealed abnormalities in the Cervices’ cells.
  6. The doctor explained the importance of regular Cervices’ screenings.
  7. The nurse observed the Cervices’ dilation during the delivery.
  8. The Cervices’ structure can vary among different individuals.
  9. The medical report showed signs of inflammation in the Cervices’ lining.
  10. The Cervices’ role in fertility is influenced by hormonal factors.

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