Sheriff Plural, What is the Plural of Sheriff?

Meaning: the chief executive officer of the Crown

Singular and Plural of Sheriff

Singular Plural
sheriff sheriffs

Sheriff as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sheriff patrolled the small town to maintain law and order.
  2. The sheriff wore a badge and carried a firearm.
  3. The sheriff investigated the crime scene for clues.
  4. The sheriff arrested the suspect and read them their rights.
  5. The sheriff held a press conference to provide updates on the case.
  6. The sheriff was respected and trusted by the community.
  7. The sheriff‘s office enforced traffic laws and issued tickets.
  8. The sheriff worked closely with the local police department.
  9. The sheriff ensured the safety of the citizens in the county.
  10. The sheriff took an oath to protect and serve the community.

Sheriff as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sheriffs from neighboring counties attended the conference.
  2. The sheriffs collaborated on a joint operation to combat crime.
  3. The sheriffs shared information and resources to solve the case.
  4. The sheriffs were recognized for their dedication and bravery.
  5. The sheriffs received specialized training to handle dangerous situations.
  6. The sheriffs coordinated efforts to maintain peace during the event.
  7. The sheriffs upheld the law and ensured public safety.
  8. The sheriffs formed a task force to tackle organized crime.
  9. The sheriffs patrolled the highways to enforce traffic regulations.
  10. The sheriffs worked together as a team to address community concerns.

Singular Possessive of Sheriff 

The singular possessive form of “Sheriff” is “Sheriff’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Sheriff:

  1. The sheriff’s hat was adorned with a golden star.
  2. I reported the incident to the sheriff’s office.
  3. The suspect was taken into the sheriff’s custody.
  4. The town respected the sheriff’s authority and leadership.
  5. The citizens trusted the sheriff’s decision-making abilities.
  6. I saw the sheriff’s patrol car parked outside the courthouse.
  7. The criminal was brought to the sheriff’s courtroom for trial.
  8. The sheriff’s badge shone brightly under the lights.
  9. The media interviewed the sheriff’s spokesperson for information.
  10. The town honored the sheriff’s dedication with an award.

Plural Possessive of Sheriff 

The plural possessive form of “Sheriff” is “Sheriffs'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Sheriff:

  1. The neighboring counties’ sheriffs’ cooperation led to the arrest.
  2. The sheriffs’ uniforms were identical, except for the badges.
  3. The officers reported directly to the sheriffs’ office.
  4. The courtroom was filled with the sheriffs’ presence.
  5. The citizens appreciated the sheriffs’ commitment to safety.
  6. The training facility hosted a conference for sheriffs’ departments.
  7. The town celebrated the sheriffs’ achievements with a parade.
  8. The sheriffs’ vehicles lined up outside the station.
  9. The news reported on the sheriffs’ joint effort to combat crime.
  10. The sheriffs’ duties include enforcing the law and maintaining order.

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