Scenery Plural, What is the Plural of Scenery?

Meaning: the natural features of a landscape

Singular and Plural of Scenery

Singular Plural
scenery sceneries

Scenery as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.
  2. The painter captured the natural scenery in his landscape artwork.
  3. The tour guide pointed out the interesting features of the scenery.
  4. The movie showcased the stunning scenery of the countryside.
  5. The photographer traveled the world to capture diverse scenery.
  6. The hiker marveled at the untouched scenery in the national park.
  7. The play’s backdrop depicted a picturesque scenery.
  8. The poet drew inspiration from the changing seasons and natural scenery.
  9. The traveler explored new destinations to experience different scenery.
  10. The bride and groom chose a picturesque location for their wedding scenery.

Scenery as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist painted vibrant sceneries from around the world.
  2. The photographers captured breathtaking sceneries in their portfolios.
  3. The travel agency offered packages to various exotic sceneries.
  4. The tourists admired the stunning sceneries during their trip.
  5. The postcards featured beautiful sceneries from different countries.
  6. The hikers were rewarded with magnificent sceneries at the mountaintop.
  7. The gallery exhibited a collection of stunning landscape sceneries.
  8. The film crew scouted for unique sceneries to shoot their movie.
  9. The painters gathered to depict the changing colors of autumn sceneries.
  10. The photographer’s portfolio showcased a variety of natural and urban sceneries.

Singular Possessive of Scenery

The singular possessive form: Scenery’s.


  1.    The scenery’s beauty took my breath away.
  2.   The photographer captured Scenery’s vibrant colors.
  3.    The scenery’s serenity provided a sense of peace.
  4.   The painting depicted Scenery’s natural wonders.
  5.    The scenery’s tranquility had a calming effect.
  6.   The poet drew inspiration from Scenery’s Majesty.
  7.    The scenery’s allure attracts tourists from all over.
  8.   The film showcased Scenery’s picturesque landscapes.
  9.    The scenery’s changing seasons offer diverse experiences.
  10. The scenery’s grandeur creates a sense of awe.

Plural Possessive of Scenery 

The plural possessive form: Sceneries’.


  1.   Explore different Sceneries’ unique characteristics.
  2.   Sceneries’ allure is captured in postcards and photographs.
  3.   The documentary showcased various Sceneries’ geographical features.
  4.   The travel magazine featured stunning Sceneries’ from around the world.
  5.   Sceneries’ diversity is a testament to nature’s creativity.
  6.   Artists find inspiration in different Sceneries’ atmospheres.
  7.   Appreciate the contrast between the Sceneries’ natural elements.
  8.   The guidebook highlights the best hiking trails across different Sceneries’.
  9.   Sceneries’ magnificence is best experienced in person.
  10. The painting exhibition celebrated the beauty of different Sceneries’.

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