Saturday Plural, What is the Plural of Saturday?

Meaning: the day of the week before Sunday

Singular and Plural of Saturday


Saturday as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I love relaxing on a sunny Saturday.
  2. She spent her Saturday exploring the city.
  3. The park was crowded with families enjoying their Saturday.
  4. I usually sleep in on Saturday mornings.
  5. The farmer’s market is bustling on Saturday.
  6. They planned a picnic for next Saturday.
  7. I have a tennis match scheduled for this Saturday.
  8. The café offers a brunch menu on Saturday.
  9. I like to unwind with a movie night on Saturday.
  10. The museum offers free admission on Saturday.

Saturday as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We spent many memorable Saturdays together as a family.
  2. The summer weekends are filled with fun Saturdays.
  3. They organize community events on select Saturdays.
  4. The team practices every morning on Saturdays.
  5. They attended dance classes on alternate Saturdays.
  6. The library hosts storytelling sessions for kids on Saturdays.
  7. We planned a series of workshops on consecutive Saturdays.
  8. The store offers special discounts on specific Saturdays.
  9. They have a tradition of hiking together on Saturdays.
  10. The farmers’ market is bustling with activity on Saturdays.

Singular Possessive of Saturday 

The singular possessive form of “Saturday” is “Saturday’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Saturday:

  1. Let’s meet at Saturday’s party and have fun.
  2. I can’t wait for Saturday’s game to cheer for our team.
  3. Please bring a dish to Saturday’s potluck dinner.
  4. We should celebrate Saturday’s achievement with a cake.
  5. Saturday’s event promises to be exciting and entertaining.
  6. The highlight of the week is Saturday’s concert.
  7. I plan to relax and enjoy Saturday’s sunny weather.
  8. We should reserve a table for Saturday’s dinner date.
  9. Saturday’s movie night will feature a classic film.
  10. Don’t forget to set the alarm clock for Saturday’s early morning hike.

Plural Possessive of Saturday 

The plural possessive form of “Saturday” is Saturdays’. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Saturday:

  1. We should organize Saturdays’ activities for the kids.
  2. The students’ participation is essential for Saturdays’ success.
  3. Let’s plan Saturdays’ agenda to make the most of the weekend.
  4. The families’ traditions shape their Saturdays’ routines.
  5. The community’s engagement enhances Saturdays’ events.
  6. The teams’ performance will determine Saturdays’ winners.
  7. The businesses’ promotions attract customers on Saturdays’ sales.
  8. Saturdays’ parties are always filled with laughter and joy.
  9. The clubs’ members enjoy various activities on Saturdays’ outings.
  10. The parks’ facilities are crowded on Saturdays’ picnics.

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