Ruby Plural, What is the Plural of Ruby?

Meaning: a precious stone consisting of corundum

Singular and Plural of Ruby

Singular Plural
ruby rubies

Ruby as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She wore a beautiful ruby pendant around her neck.
  2. The engagement ring featured a sparkling ruby as its centerpiece.
  3. The gemologist carefully examined the cut and clarity of the ruby.
  4. He gifted his mother a pair of elegant ruby earrings.
  5. The ruby glowed with a vibrant red hue.
  6. The necklace was adorned with multiple dazzling rubies.
  7. The ancient treasure chest contained a precious ruby.
  8. The jewelry store showcased a wide selection of rubies.
  9. She admired the craftsmanship of the ruby-encrusted bracelet.
  10. The sunlight reflected off the smooth surface of the ruby.

Ruby as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The earrings were set with brilliant-cut rubies.
  2. The display case contained a collection of rare and valuable rubies.
  3. The auction featured a pair of flawless rubies.
  4. The necklace shimmered with a strand of exquisite rubies.
  5. The jeweler specialized in designing custom pieces with rubies.
  6. The ring was adorned with a cluster of sparkling rubies.
  7. The royal tiara was encrusted with large and flawless rubies.
  8. The gemologist appraised the quality and value of the rubies.
  9. The rubies in her bracelet were sourced from a renowned mine.
  10. The museum displayed a rare collection of historical rubies.

Singular Possessive of Ruby 

The singular possessive form of “Ruby” is “Ruby’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ruby:

  1. Ruby’s color caught everyone’s attention.
  2. She admired Ruby’s exquisite cut and clarity.
  3. The jeweler appraised Ruby’s quality and value.
  4. He wore Ruby’s pendant on a gold chain.
  5. The auctioneer presented Ruby’s certificate of authenticity.
  6. The ring showcased Ruby’s vibrant red hue.
  7. The necklace sparkled with the brilliance of Ruby’s gemstone.
  8. The engagement ring featured a solitaire Ruby’s centerpiece.
  9. The gemologist examined Ruby’s internal characteristics.
  10. The collector showcased the rare Ruby’s inclusion.

Plural Possessive of Ruby 

The plural possessive form of “Ruby” is “Rubies'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ruby:

  1. The jewelry store displayed a selection of Rubies’ settings.
  2. The exhibit showcased a collection of precious Rubies’ stones.
  3. The auction house auctioned off several valuable Rubies’ lots.
  4. The necklace boasted a string of exquisite Rubies’ beads.
  5. The gem dealer specialized in sourcing rare Rubies’ specimens.
  6. The ring box contained an assortment of different-sized Rubies’ gemstones.
  7. The bracelet shimmered with a row of delicate Rubies’ charms.
  8. The artist crafted a masterpiece using various shapes of Rubies’ cabochons.
  9. The collector curated an exhibit dedicated to famous historical Rubies’.
  10. The jewelry designer created a unique piece featuring multiple Rubies’.

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