Cyclops Plural, What is the plural of Cyclops?

Meaning: a member of a race of savage one-eyed giants.

Plural of CYCLOPS

Singular Plural
Cyclops Cyclopes


  • Gargantua
  • behemoth
  • giant
  • Hercules
  • Samson

Cyclops as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cyclops was a mythical creature from ancient Greece.
  2. The cyclops had a single eye in the center of its forehead.
  3. Odysseus encountered a cyclops during his journey.
  4. The cyclops towered over the other creatures.
  5. The cyclops lived in a cave on a remote island.
  6. The cyclops roared with anger.
  7. The cyclops blocked the entrance to its lair.
  8. The cyclops was known for its immense strength.
  9. The sailors were terrified by the sight of the cyclops.
  10. The cyclops threw boulders at the ships.

Cyclops as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sailors encountered several cyclops on their voyage.
  2. The tales spoke of a tribe of savage cyclops.
  3. The heroes battled against hordes of cyclops.
  4. The warriors armed themselves to fight the fierce cyclops.
  5. The legends told of an ancient war between gods and cyclops.
  6. The cyclops chased the intruders with a thunderous roar.
  7. The hunters captured a group of baby cyclops.
  8. The epic poems described the encounters with various cyclops.
  9. The island was believed to be inhabited by the last surviving cyclops.
  10. The sailors warned others of the dangers posed by the wild cyclops.

Singular Possessive of Cyclops

The singular possessive form of “Cyclops” is “Cyclops’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cyclops:

  1. The Cyclops’s eye glowed with fury.
  2. Cyclops’s strength was unmatched in battle.
  3. We saw the Cyclops’s cave on the island.
  4. The sailors feared the Cyclops’s wrath.
  5. The shepherd tamed the Cyclops’s sheep.
  6. Cyclops’s roar echoed through the valley.
  7. The hero avoided the Cyclops’s gaze.
  8. Cyclops’s size made him intimidating.
  9. The warriors attacked the Cyclops’s herd.
  10. The tale of the Cyclops’s downfall spread.

Plural Possessive of Cyclops

The plural possessive form of “Cyclops” is “Cyclopes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cyclops:

  1. The Cyclopes’ strength was legendary.
  2. The Cyclopes’ voices echoed in the cave.
  3. We encountered the Cyclopes’ island.
  4. The sailors’ ship was destroyed by the Cyclopes’ rocks.
  5. The heroes faced the Cyclopes’ anger.
  6. The Cyclopes’ eyes gleamed in the darkness.
  7. The shepherds tended to the Cyclopes’ flock.
  8. The explorers marveled at the Cyclopes’ size.
  9. The warriors avoided the Cyclopes’ lair.
  10. The legend spoke of the Cyclopes’ power.

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