Put Plural, What is the Plural of Put?

Meaning: move to or place in a particular position

Singular and Plural of Put

Singular Plural
put Puts

Put as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The put was a perfect shot, scoring a goal.
  2. Her last-minute put gave her the victory in golf.
  3. He made a precise put to win the mini-golf game.
  4. The golfer’s confident put impressed the crowd.
  5. The ball’s trajectory after the put was exceptional.
  6. She practiced her put to improve her golf skills.
  7. The put required accuracy and a steady hand.
  8. He held his breath as the put rolled toward the hole.
  9. The golf instructor demonstrated the proper put technique.
  10. The player’s steady hands ensured a successful put.

Put as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The construction workers gathered the puts for the foundation.
  2. The gardener planted flower puts in neat rows.
  3. She handed out tiny puts of food to the birds.
  4. The potter shaped the clay puts on the wheel.
  5. The beekeeper carefully handled the beehive puts.
  6. The painter prepared multiple puts of paint for the project.
  7. The chef organized the ingredient puts for the recipe.
  8. The scientist analyzed the different chemical puts.
  9. The artist collected various art supply puts.
  10. The florist arranged colorful flower puts in a bouquet.

Singular Possessive of Put 

The singular possessive form of “Put” is “Put’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Put:

  1. The Put’s location was marked on the map.
  2. The Put’s timing was crucial for success.
  3. She emphasized the Put’s significance in the plan.
  4. The Put’s impact was felt immediately.
  5. The Put’s purpose was to provide clarity.
  6. The Put’s outcome exceeded expectations.
  7. The Put’s execution required precision and skill.
  8. The team celebrated the Put’s successful completion.
  9. The Put’s effect rippled through the organization.
  10. She analyzed the Put’s potential risks beforehand.

Plural Possessive of Put 

The plural possessive form of “Put” is “Puts'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Put:

  1. The team members’ dedication contributed to the Puts’ success.
  2. The project required coordination among all the Puts’ involved.
  3. She assessed the Puts’ impact on the market.
  4. The Puts’ implementation faced some challenges.
  5. The stakeholders’ opinions shaped the Puts’ direction.
  6. The Puts’ effectiveness was evaluated through metrics.
  7. The team acknowledged the Puts’ hard work.
  8. She recognized the Puts’ contributions during the presentation.
  9. The Puts’ implications were far-reaching.
  10. The organization celebrated the Puts’ achievements.

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