Pouch Plural, What is the Plural of Pouch?

Meaning: a small flexible bag

Singular and Plural of Pouch

Singular Plural
pouch Pouches

Pouch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I found a pouch full of coins on the ground.
  2. She carried her lipstick in a small pouch.
  3. The kangaroo’s baby is nestled in its pouch.
  4. The hiker stored snacks in his backpack’s pouch.
  5. The mother cat kept her kittens in a warm pouch.
  6. He opened the zippered pouch to retrieve his keys.
  7. The soldier kept extra ammunition in his belt pouch.
  8. She reached into her bag and pulled out a small pouch.
  9. The baby monkey clung to its mother’s belly pouch.
  10. The marsupial’s young crawls into the safety of the pouch.

Pouch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The kangaroos hopped around with their cute little pouches.
  2. The store sells various types of leather pouches.
  3. The mother kangaroos protected their joeys in their pouches.
  4. The hikers stored their snacks in separate pouches.
  5. The explorer carried his equipment in multiple pouches.
  6. She organized her jewelry in different-sized velvet pouches.
  7. The army issued soldiers with camouflage utility pouches.
  8. The artisan crafted beautiful beaded pouches.
  9. The marsupials carried their young in comfortable pouches.
  10. The kangaroos carefully inspected their empty pouches.

Singular Possessive of Pouch

The singular possessive form of “Pouch” is “Pouch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pouch:

  1. I found the pouch’s contents scattered on the floor.
  2. The pouch’s strap was worn out from excessive use.
  3. The kangaroo carried its joey in the pouch’s warmth.
  4. The traveler reached for the pouch’s hidden compartment.
  5. The thief stole the valuable gem from the pouch’s pocket.
  6. The hiker secured the map in the pouch’s zippered pocket.
  7. The detective discovered a torn corner of the pouch’s fabric.
  8. The adventurer relied on the pouch’s durability during the journey.
  9. The explorer stored the precious artifact in the pouch’s protective lining.
  10. The magician pulled a rabbit out of the pouch’s depths.

Plural Possessive of Pouch

The plural possessive form of “Pouch” is “Pouches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pouch:

  1. The hikers’ backpacks had multiple pouches’ compartments.
  2. The explorers filled the pouches’ with various supplies.
  3. The thieves stole the treasures from the museum pouches’.
  4. The artisans crafted beautiful designs on the leather pouches’ surface.
  5. The travelers’ backpacks had their pouches’ zippers broken.
  6. The campers organized their gear in different pouches’ sections.
  7. The seamstress stitched colorful patterns on the pouches’ fabric.
  8. The collectors displayed the antique coins in glass pouches’.
  9. The archaeologists discovered ancient tools in the burial pouches’.
  10. The soldiers carried their ammunition in the military pouches’.

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