Asterisk Plural, What is the plural of Asterisk?

Meaning of Asterisk

The meaning of ASTERISK is: a symbol (*) used to mark printed or written text, typically as a reference to an annotation or to stand for omitted matter.

Singular and Plural of Asterisk

The plural of Asterisk is asterisks.

Singular Plural
Asterisk Asterisks

Asterisk as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Please indicate your name with an asterisk on the form.
  2. The footnote was marked with an asterisk.
  3. The teacher used an asterisk to denote important information.
  4. The typo in the document was corrected with an asterisk.
  5. The symbol asterisk (*) represents multiplication in mathematics.
  6. The asterisk drew attention to the exception in the rule.
  7. The sign next to the item indicated it was on sale, marked with an asterisk.
  8. The book referenced additional information in the appendix, marked with an asterisk.
  9. The professor emphasized the importance of a specific concept with an asterisk.
  10. The conference schedule had time slots marked with an asterisk for keynote speakers.

Asterisk as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The text included several asterisks to highlight key points.
  2. The policy had exceptions that were noted with asterisks.
  3. The table had multiple entries with asterisks indicating footnotes.
  4. The document required the signature of all parties involved, marked with asterisks.
  5. The company’s terms and conditions had specific clauses denoted by asterisks.
  6. The citation list had references to additional sources, marked with asterisks.
  7. The report contained footnotes and annotations, denoted by asterisks.
  8. The editor reviewed the manuscript, adding asterisks for suggested revisions.
  9. The contract had sections with additional details, indicated by asterisks.
  10. The presentation slides had important notes highlighted with asterisks.

Singular Possessive of Asterisk 

The singular possessive form of “Asterisk” is “Asterisk’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Asterisk:

  1. The meaning of the sentence changed after adding asterisk’s.
  2. Please indicate asterisk’s placement for clarity.
  3. The importance of asterisk’s role in grammar cannot be overlooked.
  4. The text contains asterisk’s denoting footnotes.
  5. Asterisk’s usage should be consistent throughout the document.
  6. The writer used asterisk’s to mark additional information.
  7. Asterisk’s purpose is to highlight important points.
  8. It is essential to understand asterisk’s function in mathematical notation.
  9. The legal document included asterisk’s for references.
  10. Asterisk’s presence indicates a footnote or an explanation.

Plural Possessive of Asterisk 

The plural possessive form of “Asterisk” is “Asterisks'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Asterisk:

  1. The document contained multiple asterisks’ for emphasis.
  2. Please pay attention to the asterisks’ placement in the text.
  3. Asterisks’ purpose is to draw attention to important information.
  4. The manuscript used asterisks’ to mark alternative interpretations.
  5. The report included asterisks’ denoting statistical significance.
  6. It is important to be consistent with asterisks’ usage.
  7. Asterisks’ significance varies depending on the context.
  8. The document had several asterisks’ indicating further details.
  9. The table’s footnotes were marked with asterisks’.
  10. The formatting guidelines mentioned asterisks’ for footnotes.

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