Hallux Plural, What is the plural of Hallux?

Meaning: a person’s big toe.

Plural of Hallux


Hallux as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My hallux was hurting after wearing tight shoes.
  2. He injured his hallux while playing soccer.
  3. The doctor examined the patient’s swollen hallux.
  4. She wore a bandage around her injured hallux.
  5. He needed surgery to correct his deformed hallux.
  6. The athlete’s sprained hallux kept them from competing.
  7. She limped because of the pain in her hallux.
  8. The podiatrist recommended special shoes for his sensitive hallux.
  9. The X-ray showed a fracture in the patient’s hallux.
  10. He had a callus on his left hallux from running.

Hallux as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The surgeon operated on both of his halluxes.
  2. She suffered from arthritis in her halluxes.
  3. They measured the length of their longest halluxes.
  4. The athlete’s swollen halluxes required ice and rest.
  5. The hiker’s injured halluxes slowed down their progress.
  6. The runner’s deformed halluxes caused discomfort during races.
  7. The patient complained of pain in their right halluxes.
  8. The dancer wore toe separators to alleviate pressure on her halluxes.
  9. The podiatrist examined the athlete’s sprained halluxes.
  10. The sandals were designed to accommodate wide halluxes.

Singular Possessive of Hallux

The singular possessive form of “Hallux” is “Hallux’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hallux:

  1. I felt pain in Hallux’s joint.
  2. Hallux’s toenail needed trimming.
  3. The shoe rubbed against Hallux’s bone.
  4. I protected Hallux’s sensitive skin.
  5. Hallux’s movement influenced my balance.
  6. The doctor examined Hallux’s range of motion.
  7. I massaged Hallux’s arch to relieve pain.
  8. Hallux’s flexibility improved with stretching.
  9. I stubbed Hallux’s toe on the furniture.
  10. Hallux’s position affected my gait.

Plural Possessive of Hallux

The plural possessive form of “Hallux” is “Halluces'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hallux:

  1. The X-ray showed the alignment of the halluces’.
  2. I observed the movement of the dancers’ halluces’.
  3. The runner’s halluces’ carried their weight.
  4. I wore shoes that accommodated my halluces’.
  5. The hikers’ halluces’ were well-conditioned.
  6. I noticed the athletes’ strong halluces’ muscles.
  7. The doctor examined the patients’ halluces’ mobility.
  8. I protected my halluces’ with cushioned socks.
  9. The dancer pointed her halluces’ gracefully.
  10. I admired the flexibility of their halluces’.

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