Mango Plural, What is the Plural of Mango?

Meaning of Mango

The meaning of Mango is a fleshy, oval, yellowish-red tropical fruit that is eaten ripe or used green for pickles or chutneys.

Singular and Plural of Mango, Mangoes in English

Singular Plural
Mango Mangoes

Synonyms of Mango

  • mango tree
  • Mangifera indica
  • pineapple
  • lemon
  • tamarind
  • strawberry
  • melon

Mango as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She savored the juicy flesh of the ripe mango.
  2. He sliced a ripe mango into bite-sized pieces.
  3. The fragrance of the sweet mango filled the air.
  4. The vendor sold a perfectly ripe mango at the market.
  5. She enjoyed the tropical taste of the fresh mango.
  6. The smooth, golden skin covered the ripe mango.
  7. He bit into the succulent mango and
  8. The ripe mango dripped with sweet juice.
  9. She peeled the skin off the ripe mango.
  10. The dessert was garnished with slices of fresh mango.

Mango as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They bought a bag of ripe, juicy mangoes from the market.
  2. The fruit salad was filled with diced mangoes.
  3. She enjoyed the refreshing taste of chilled mangoes.
  4. They devoured the sweet, ripe mangoes on a hot day.
  5. The smoothie was made with fresh, blended mangoes.
  6. The recipe called for two ripe mangoes.
  7. The grocer displayed a variety of exotic mangoes.
  8. They shared a plate of sliced mangoes for dessert.
  9. The tree was laden with ripe, golden mangoes.
  10. They harvested a bountiful crop of delicious mangoes.

Singular Possessive of Mango

The singular possessive form of “Mango” is “Mango’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Mango:

  1. I love the taste of Mango’s ripe fruit.
  2. Could you please cut Mango’s juicy flesh for me?
  3. The sweetness of Mango’s aroma filled the room.
  4. I want to buy Mango’s special variety from the market.
  5. Mango’s skin should be bright and smooth when ripe.
  6. Mango’s unique flavor enhances many desserts.
  7. We should store Mango’s in a cool place to keep them fresh.
  8. I would like to try Mango’s tropical smoothie.
  9. Mango’s vibrant color makes it visually appealing.
  10. Mango’s season is the perfect time to enjoy this fruit.

Plural Possessive of Mango

The plural possessive form of “Mango” is “Mangoes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Mango:

  1. I bought a basket of mangoes’ from the farmer’s market.
  2. The aroma of the mangoes’ filled the room.
  3. The sweetness of the mangoes’ juice was refreshing.
  4. We need to peel the skin off the mangoes’ before eating.
  5. Mangoes’ flavors vary depending on the type.
  6. The taste of the mangoes’ flesh was delicious.
  7. Mangoes’ tropical vibe adds a refreshing touch to any dish.
  8. We should keep the mangoes’ refrigerated to maintain freshness.
  9. Mangoes’ ripeness can be determined by a gentle squeeze.
  10. The color and texture of the mangoes’ peel were appealing.

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