Party Plural, What is the Plural of Party?

Meaning of Party, Parties

The meaning of Party is a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.

Singular and Plural of Party, Parties in English

Singular Plural
Party Parties

Synonyms of Party, Parties

  • celebration
  • dinner
  • affair
  • amusement
  • ball
  • banquet
  • barbecue
  • bash
  • blowout
  • cocktails
  • diversion
  • do
  • entertainment
  • feast
  • festivity
  • fete

Party as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She organized a surprise birthday party for her friend.
  2. He wore a festive hat to the costume party.
  3. The music and laughter filled the room at the party.
  4. The host greeted each guest at the entrance of the party.
  5. She decorated the living room for the New Year’s Eve party.
  6. The party lasted late into the night.
  7. He enjoyed dancing and socializing at the party.
  8. The birthday party featured a delicious cake.
  9. The guests mingled and enjoyed the lively party.
  10. They toasted to success and happiness at the anniversary party.

Party as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They attended multiple festive parties during the holiday season.
  2. The neighbors hosted a series of block parties.
  3. She received invitations to various exclusive parties.
  4. The city organized several community parties throughout the year.
  5. They celebrated with friends at different house parties.
  6. The summer brought a flurry of outdoor parties.
  7. The event planner organized glamorous corporate parties.
  8. The parties lasted late into the night, filled with laughter.
  9. The couple attended several elegant dinner parties.
  10. The political campaign held rallies and fundraising parties.

Singular Possessive of Party

The singular possessive form of “Party” is “Party’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Party:

  1. We are going to attend Party’s grand opening.
  2. Party’s decorations were impressive.
  3. I need to RSVP for Party’s anniversary celebration.
  4. The highlight of the event was Party’s live music.
  5. Could you please bring Party’s cake to the venue?
  6. The success of the event depends on Party’s marketing strategy.
  7. I was invited to Party’s exclusive VIP party.
  8. Party’s invitation mentioned a dress code.
  9. We should respect Party’s house rules.
  10. Party’s venue offers a stunning view of the city.

Plural Possessive of Party

The plural possessive form of “Party” is “Parties'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Party:

  1. We attended several parties’ celebrations last night.
  2. The decoration themes of the parties’ were diverse.
  3. The success of the parties’ events relied on teamwork.
  4. We enjoyed the variety of food at the parties’ buffets.
  5. The highlights of the parties’ evenings were the performances.
  6. The parties’ guests brought their own beverages.
  7. We admired the creativity of the parties’ themes.
  8. The parties’ venues were beautifully decorated.
  9. The parties’ hosts ensured everyone had a great time.
  10. We appreciated the efforts of the parties’ organizers.

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