Matrix Plural, What is the Plural of Matrix?

Meaning: environment in which something develops

Singular and Plural of Matrix

Singular plural
matrix matrices

Matrix as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The scientist analyzed data using a matrix.
  2. The artist created a stunning design on the matrix.
  3. The programmer worked with a complex matrix algorithm.
  4. The engineer used a matrix to solve the structural problem.
  5. The professor explained linear algebra and matrix operations.
  6. The photographer adjusted the image using a matrix.
  7. The mathematician studied the properties of the matrix.
  8. The computer scientist implemented a matrix transformation.
  9. The financial analyst used a matrix to calculate risk.
  10. The architect designed a building with a grid-like matrix structure.

Matrix as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The mathematicians discussed different types of matrices.
  2. The engineers analyzed the system using multiple matrices.
  3. The researchers compared the data from various matrices.
  4. The programmers debugged the code with input matrices.
  5. The students practiced multiplying and adding matrices.
  6. The statisticians analyzed the correlation between different matrices.
  7. The scientists conducted experiments with different data matrices.
  8. The physicists used matrices to describe quantum states.
  9. The computer graphics artist manipulated 3D matrices.
  10. The economists studied the impact of policy changes on economic matrices.

Singular Possessive of Matrix 

The singular possessive form of “Matrix” is “Matrix’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Matrix:

  1. The value is stored in Matrix’s cell.
  2. I analyzed Matrix’s elements for patterns.
  3. Matrix’s determinant determines its invertibility.
  4. The equation involves Matrix’s multiplication.
  5. The operations are performed on Matrix’s rows.
  6. Matrix’s dimensions determine its size.
  7. The algorithm utilizes Matrix’s eigenvectors.
  8. The transformation is applied to Matrix’s columns.
  9. Matrix’s rank indicates its linear independence.
  10. The entries in Matrix’s diagonal are important.

Plural Possessive of Matrix 

The plural possessive form of “Matrix” is Matrices’. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Matrix:

  1. The calculations involve Matrices’ dimensions.
  2. The book explains Matrices’ transformations in detail.
  3. The professor emphasized Matrices’ applications in engineering.
  4. The software supports operations on Matrices’ elements.
  5. The researchers studied the properties of Matrices’ determinants.
  6. Matrices’ rows represent data samples.
  7. The analysis considered Matrices’ eigenvalues.
  8. The lecture covered various topics related to Matrices’ properties.
  9. The program allows manipulation of Matrices’ entries.
  10. The project required understanding of Matrices’ multiplication.

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