Faculty Plural, What is the plural of Faculty?

Meaning: an inherent mental or physical power.

Singular and Plural of Faculty

Singular Plural
Faculty Facilities

Faculty as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The university appointed her as a faculty
  2. The faculty conducted groundbreaking research in their field.
  3. The distinguished professor shared knowledge with the faculty and students.
  4. The faculty meeting addressed important academic matters.
  5. The dean recognized the accomplishments of the faculty.
  6. The respected scientist joined the university faculty.
  7. The faculty provided mentorship and guidance to aspiring researchers.
  8. The visiting scholar collaborated with the faculty on a research project.
  9. The professor’s office was located in the faculty
  10. The university recognized her contributions by granting her faculty

Faculty as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The university recruited talented individuals to join its diverse faculty.
  2. The conference brought together renowned researchers and faculty from around the world.
  3. The department recognized the achievements of its dedicated faculty
  4. The institution invested in professional development opportunities for its faculty.
  5. The committee evaluated applications for new faculty
  6. The faculty collaborated on interdisciplinary research projects.
  7. The symposium showcased the innovative work of the university’s faculty.
  8. The faculty lounge provided a space for colleagues to gather and exchange ideas.
  9. The university celebrated the accomplishments of its retiring faculty.
  10. The school implemented policies to support a healthy work environment for its faculty.

Singular Possessive of Faculty

The singular possessive form of “Faculty” is “Faculty’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Faculty:

  1. The Faculty’s decision was final.
  2. I attended the Faculty’s lecture yesterday.
  3. The book is in the Faculty’s office.
  4. Faculty’s role is crucial in education.
  5. The responsibility lies with the Faculty’s committee.
  6. I admire the dedication of the Faculty’s members.
  7. The grant was awarded to the Faculty’s research project.
  8. The conference was organized by the Faculty’s team.
  9. The recommendations came from the Faculty’s board.
  10. The achievements of the Faculty’s students are remarkable.

Plural Possessive of Faculty

The plural possessive form of “Faculty” is “Faculties'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Faculty:

  1. The decisions lie with the Faculties’ committees.
  2. The grant was awarded to the Faculties’ research projects.
  3. I attended one of the Faculties’ lectures.
  4. The responsibilities are shared among the Faculties’ members.
  5. The collaboration involves multiple Faculties’ departments.
  6. The achievements of the Faculties’ students are impressive.
  7. The guidelines were provided by the Faculties’ administration.
  8. The research findings are published in the Faculties’ journals.
  9. The funding supports various Faculties’ initiatives.
  10. The recommendations came from different Faculties’ boards.

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