Runner up Plural, What is the Plural of Runner Up?

Meaning: a competitor or team taking second place in a contest

Singular and Plural of Runner up

Singular Plural
runner up runners up

Runner up as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She was the runner up in the singing competition.
  2. The runner up received a silver medal.
  3. The judges announced the runner up with excitement.
  4. He was disappointed to be the runner up again.
  5. The audience applauded the talented runner up.
  6. She congratulated the deserving runner up on their achievement.
  7. The first-place winner congratulated the humble runner up.
  8. The title of runner up brought him recognition.
  9. Being the runner up didn’t discourage her from pursuing her dreams.
  10. The disappointed runner up gracefully accepted defeat.

Runner up as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The runners up received certificates of recognition.
  2. The judges awarded the talented runners up with trophies.
  3. The event recognized all the deserving runners up.
  4. Each of the runners up gave exceptional performances.
  5. The audience cheered for the dedicated runners up.
  6. The first-place winners congratulated the talented runners up.
  7. The title of runners up brought them pride and honor.
  8. The group photo captured all the enthusiastic runners up.
  9. The competition showcased the incredible skills of the runners up.
  10. The disappointed runners up vowed to improve for the next competition.

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