Medicine Plural, What is the Plural of Medicine?

Meaning: science or practice of the diagnosis

Singular and Plural of Medicine


Medicine as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Medicine is the science of healing and treating.
  2. Traditional medicine uses natural remedies and herbs.
  3. Antibiotics revolutionized modern medicine.
  4. Palliative medicine eases symptoms in the terminally ill.
  5. Internal medicine focuses on organs and diagnoses.
  6. Veterinary medicine cares for animals’ health.
  7. Alternative medicine offers non-conventional healing.
  8. Nuclear medicine uses radioactivity for diagnosis.
  9. Emergency medicine saves lives during urgent situations.
  10. Preventive medicine promotes health and prevents disease.

Medicine as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Doctors prescribed different medicines to the patients.
  2. The pharmacy sells various over-the-counter medicines.
  3. Some medicines require a prescription.
  4. Scientists develop new medicines continually.
  5. Certain medicines have severe side effects.
  6. Alternative medicines include holistic practices.
  7. Check the expiration date on your medicines.
  8. Pharmacists provide guidance on using medicines.
  9. Essential medicines are vital in developing countries.
  10. Clinical trials test the efficacy of new medicines.

Singular Possessive of Medicine 

The singular possessive form of “Medicine” is “Medicine’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Medicine:

  1. The discovery of the vaccine was a breakthrough in medicine’s history.
  2. We should acknowledge the advancements in medicine’s research.
  3. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on medicine’s dosage.
  4. The side effects of the medication are listed in medicine’s leaflet.
  5. Medicine’s impact on public health is undeniable.
  6. The responsibility of medicine’s practitioners is to prioritize patient care.
  7. The development of new drugs is a key aspect of medicine’s progress.
  8. We should appreciate the contributions of medicine’s pioneers.
  9. The field of medicine’s reliance on evidence-based practices is crucial.
  10. The funding for research supports medicine’s advancements.

Plural Possessive of Medicine 

The plural possessive form of “Medicine” is “Medicines'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Medicine:

  1. The effectiveness of different medicines’ treatments varies.
  2. We should consider the side effects of various medicines’ medications.
  3. The discovery of new medicines’ therapies offers hope.
  4. The advancements in medicines’ research revolutionize patient care.
  5. Medicines’ role in improving public health is crucial.
  6. The affordability of medicines’ prices should be addressed.
  7. We must evaluate the efficacy of different medicines’ options.
  8. The accessibility of medicines’ availability impacts healthcare systems.
  9. The importance of medicines’ safety cannot be ignored.
  10. We should promote the responsible use of medicines’ prescriptions.

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