Formula Plural, What is the plural of Formula?

Meaning: a mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols.

Singular and Plural of Formula

Singular Plural
Formula Formulas

Formula as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I struggled to understand the complex mathematical formula.
  2. The scientist derived a new formula to explain the phenomenon.
  3. The formula for success is hard work and determination.
  4. A single mistake can ruin the entire formula.
  5. I followed the baking formula to make the perfect cake.
  6. The formula used in this skincare product is revolutionary.
  7. The student memorized the chemical formula for the compound.
  8. The secret formula of the elixir was closely guarded.
  9. The formula behind the popular energy drink remains a mystery.
  10. The formula for calculating area is length multiplied by width.

Formula as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The scientists compared various formulas to find the most effective one.
  2. We need to test different formulas to optimize the results.
  3. The company patented their innovative formulas for cosmetics.
  4. The pharmacists carefully mixed the different formulas for each patient.
  5. The researchers analyzed the chemical compositions of different formulas.
  6. These cleaning products contain environmentally friendly formulas.
  7. The company invested heavily in research and development of new formulas.
  8. The chef experimented with different spice formulas for the dish.
  9. The team of engineers devised multiple formulas to solve the problem.
  10. The workshop focused on teaching participants the basics of creating mathematical formulas.

Singular Possessive of Formula

The singular possessive form of “Formula” is “Formula’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Formula:

  1. Formula’s ingredients are carefully measured.
  2. I appreciate the precision of Formula’s instructions.
  3. Formula’s purpose is to solve specific problems.
  4. Formula’s effectiveness is backed by scientific research.
  5. The complexity of Formula’s structure requires expertise.
  6. Formula’s development involves rigorous testing.
  7. Formula’s application is relevant in various fields.
  8. I use Formula’s principles to solve equations.
  9. Formula’s accuracy is crucial in engineering.
  10. Formula’s impact on industry is significant.

Plural Possessive of Formula

The plural possessive form of “Formula” is “Formulas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Formula:

  1. Formulas’ ingredients vary depending on the desired outcome.
  2. I experiment with different formulas’ to find the best solution.
  3. Formulas’ effectiveness depends on the variables involved.
  4. Formulas’ applications span across multiple disciplines.
  5. The understanding of formulas’ complexities requires expertise.
  6. Formulas’ development involves continuous research and improvement.
  7. Formulas’ implementations have transformed industries.
  8. I analyze various formulas’ to optimize performance.
  9. Formulas’ accuracy is crucial for reliable results.
  10. Formulas’ contributions to science and technology are invaluable.

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