Polis Plural, What is the Plural of Polis?

Meaning: a city state in ancient Greece

Singular and Plural of Polis

Singular Plural
polis poleis

Polis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. In ancient Greece, the polis was the city-state.
  2. The philosopher discussed the ideal polis for human flourishing.
  3. The citizens gathered in the polis to discuss political matters.
  4. The polis was known for its well-organized governance.
  5. The historian studied the development of the ancient Greek polis.
  6. The philosopher emphasized the importance of justice within the polis.
  7. The archaeologists uncovered the ruins of a prosperous polis.
  8. The citizens elected their leaders to govern the polis.
  9. The philosopher described the ideal social structure of a polis.
  10. The agora was the central marketplace of the ancient Greek polis.

Polis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The ancient Greek polis flourished during that era.
  2. The historian studied the different forms of ancient Greek polis.
  3. The polis had a system of governance and laws.
  4. The philosopher compared the strengths and weaknesses of different polis.
  5. The citizens of neighboring polis often engaged in trade.
  6. The polis had its own unique culture and traditions.
  7. The archaeologists discovered multiple ancient Greek polis in the region.
  8. The historian analyzed the interactions between various polis.
  9. The philosopher examined the social dynamics of ancient Greek polis.
  10. The conflicts between neighboring polis often led to wars.

Singular Possessive of Polis

The singular possessive form of “Polis” is “Polis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Polis:

  1. The city’s polis’s infrastructure was well-maintained.
  2. The ancient polis’s culture was rich in art and philosophy.
  3. The mayor addressed the polis’s concerns in a public speech.
  4. The historian studied the polis’s political structure.
  5. The archaeologist uncovered the ruins of an ancient polis’s marketplace.
  6. The residents respected the polis’s traditions and customs.
  7. The philosopher explored the polis’s concept of justice.
  8. The citizens celebrated the polis’s founding anniversary.
  9. The writer depicted the polis’s struggles in a compelling novel.
  10. The economist analyzed the polis’s economic growth over the years.

Plural Possessive of Polis

The plural possessive form of “Polis” is “Polises'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Polis:

  1. The neighboring polises’ alliances strengthened their defenses.
  2. The historians compared the ancient polises’ governing systems.
  3. The travelers marveled at the different polises’ architectural styles.
  4. The diplomat negotiated between the two polises’ conflicting interests.
  5. The researchers studied the ancient polises’ trade routes.
  6. The invaders targeted the coastal polises’ ports for conquest.
  7. The political scientist analyzed the modern polises’ policies.
  8. The archaeologists discovered the remnants of multiple polises’ civilizations.
  9. The historian documented the polises’ historical conflicts.
  10. The geographer mapped out the ancient polises’ territories.

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