Male Plural, What is the Plural of Male?

Meaning: guy, boy

Singular and Plural of Male

Singular plural
male males

Male as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The male lion roared fiercely in the wilderness.
  2. The confident male approached the group with charm.
  3. The strong male lifted heavy weights effortlessly.
  4. The courageous male protected his family fearlessly.
  5. The young male displayed impressive athletic abilities.
  6. The dominant male asserted his authority in the pack.
  7. The talented male painter showcased his artwork proudly.
  8. The intelligent male scientist made groundbreaking discoveries.
  9. The charismatic male actor captivated the audience with his performance.
  10. The handsome male model walked the runway with confidence.

Male as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group of males engaged in a friendly competition.
  2. The team of skilled males collaborated on the project.
  3. The conference welcomed prominent males from various industries.
  4. The gathering of talented males showcased their expertise.
  5. The troupe of energetic males performed breathtaking stunts.
  6. The community recognized outstanding achievements by young males.
  7. The society celebrated the contributions of influential males.
  8. The summit brought together visionary males to discuss global issues.
  9. The organization honored distinguished males for their philanthropy.
  10. The festival featured performances by renowned males.

Singular Possessive of Male 

The singular possessive form of “Male” is “Male’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Male:

  1. Male’s favorite book is on the shelf.
  2. Male’s car is parked in the driveway.
  3. We admired Male’s impressive artwork.
  4. Male’s dog is always well-behaved.
  5. The responsibility falls on Male’s shoulders.
  6. Male’s success is well-deserved.
  7. We were invited to Male’s housewarming party.
  8. Male’s expertise in the field is renowned.
  9. Male’s opinion carries a lot of weight.
  10. We appreciated Male’s kind gesture.

Plural Possessive of Male 

The plural possessive form of “Male” is “Males'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Male:

  1. We admired the teamwork of the males’ basketball team.
  2. The males’ voices blended harmoniously in the choir.
  3. The committee considered the males’ suggestions.
  4. The conference highlighted the males’ achievements.
  5. The art gallery featured the works of the males’ artists.
  6. The company recognized the dedication of the males’ employees.
  7. The survey revealed the preferences of the males’ demographic.
  8. The event showcased the talents of the males’ performers.
  9. The restaurant caters to the tastes of the males’ customers.
  10. The organization acknowledged the contributions of the males’ volunteers.

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