Adnexa Plural, What is the plural of Adnexa?

Meaning of Adnexa

The meaning of Adnexa is the parts adjoining an organ.

Singular and Plural of Adnexa

The plural of Adnexa is Adnexa۔


Adnexa as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s ocular adnexa.
  2. The anatomy textbook explained the structures of the adnexa.
  3. The surgeon operated on the patient’s nasal adnexa.
  4. The veterinary specialist treated the dog’s genital adnexa.
  5. The dermatologist examined the patient’s cutaneous adnexa.
  6. The researcher studied the function of the uterine adnexa.
  7. The biology class learned about the function of plant adnexa.
  8. The forensic scientist analyzed the hair adnexa for evidence.
  9. The ophthalmologist specializes in diseases of the ocular adnexa.
  10. The pathologist examined the patient’s abnormal salivary adnexa.

Adnexa as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The surgeon removed both fallopian tubes and ovaries, known as the adnexa.
  2. The anatomical model displayed the various adnexa of the eye.
  3. The veterinarian examined the dog’s reproductive adnexa.
  4. The researcher studied the structure and function of plant adnexa.
  5. The histopathologist examined the patient’s abnormal skin adnexa.
  6. The endocrinologist specializes in disorders of the hormonal adnexa.
  7. The biologist studied the evolution of animal adnexa.
  8. The radiologist reviewed the imaging of the patient’s abnormal renal adnexa.
  9. The oncologist discussed treatment options for cancer of the uterine adnexa.
  10. The geneticist conducted a study on mutations affecting the ocular adnexa.

Singular Possessive of Adnexa 

The singular possessive form of “Adnexa” is “Adnexa’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Adnexa:

  1. The adnexa’s function is to support the main organ.
  2. We examined the adnexa’s structure under a microscope.
  3. The adnexa’s role in reproduction is vital.
  4. The doctor explained the importance of the adnexa’s health.
  5. The adnexa’s development varies among different species.
  6. We studied the adnexa’s functions in the human body.
  7. The adnexa’s size and shape can vary greatly.
  8. The adnexa’s location was marked on the anatomical diagram.
  9. The adnexa’s abnormalities were detected through medical imaging.
  10. The adnexa’s condition can affect overall well-being.

Plural Possessive of Adnexa 

The plural possessive form of “Adnexa” is “Adnexa’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Adnexa:

  1. The adnexa’s functions are crucial for reproductive health.
  2. We examined the adnexa’s structures in various animal species.
  3. The doctor explained the importance of maintaining the adnexa’s health.
  4. We conducted research on the adnexa’s role in fertility.
  5. The adnexa’s functions can vary between individuals.
  6. We studied the adnexa’s development during different stages of life.
  7. The adnexa’s abnormalities can be detected through medical tests.
  8. The adnexa’s sizes and shapes differ among different organisms.
  9. The adnexa’s conditions were analyzed in the research study.
  10. The adnexa’s significance in reproductive medicine cannot be overstated.

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