TV Plural, What is the Plural of TV?

Meaning: television

Plural of TV


TV as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She enjoys watching her favorite shows on TV.
  2. The news anchor reported the latest headlines on live TV.
  3. He adjusted the volume on the TV to his preferred level.
  4. They gathered around the TV for a movie night.
  5. She binge-watched an entire series on her new TV.
  6. The TV screen displayed a high-definition image.
  7. He used the remote control to switch channels on the TV.
  8. They bought a wall-mounted bracket for their new TV.
  9. The commercial interrupted the program on the TV.
  10. She turned off the TV before going to bed.

TV as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They have multiple TVs in different rooms of their house.
  2. The hotel rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs.
  3. They offer a warranty on all their refurbished TVs.
  4. The electronics store sells a variety of high-end TVs.
  5. They upgraded their living room with a smart TV.
  6. The sports bar has several large-screen TVs for patrons to watch games.
  7. The TVs in the showroom are set to different channels.
  8. They connected their gaming consoles to the TVs for multiplayer games.
  9. The conference room is equipped with state-of-the-art TVs for presentations.
  10. They installed outdoor TVs in their backyard for entertainment.

Singular Possessive of Tv

The singular possessive form of “Tv” is “Tv’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tv:

  1. The Tv’s volume was turned down low.
  2. Tv’s screen flickered for a moment.
  3. The remote control was next to Tv’s edge.
  4. The wires connected to Tv’s back were tangled.
  5. I cleaned the dust off Tv’s frame.
  6. The reflection on Tv’s surface was distorted.
  7. I adjusted the brightness on Tv’s settings.
  8. Tv’s antenna received a weak signal.
  9. The sound came from Tv’s built-in speakers.
  10. I placed Tv’s remote on the coffee table.

Plural Possessive of Tv

The plural possessive form of “Tv” is “Tvs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tv:

  1. All the Tvs’ screens displayed different channels.
  2. The cables connected to the Tvs’ inputs were tangled.
  3. I adjusted the contrast settings on the Tvs’ menus.
  4. The remotes for the Tvs’ were missing batteries.
  5. I dusted the tops of the Tvs’ cabinets.
  6. The power buttons on the Tvs’ were worn.
  7. The Tvs’ volume levels were too loud.
  8. I rearranged the placement of the Tvs’ in the room.
  9. The wall mounts for the Tvs’ were sturdy.
  10. The channels on the Tvs’ were programmed differently.

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