Cannoli Plural, What is the plural of Cannoli?

Meaning of Cannoli is

a dessert consisting of small deep-fried pastry tubes with a creamy filling.

Singular and Plural of Cannoli

Singular Plural
Cannoli Cannoli

Cannoli as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She indulged in a delicious cannoli for dessert.
  2. The bakery offered a variety of fresh cannoli.
  3. He savored the creamy filling of the chocolate-covered cannoli.
  4. She ordered a traditional Sicilian cannoli from the menu.
  5. The Italian restaurant served authentic homemade cannoli.
  6. The pastry chef filled the cannoli with ricotta cheese and pistachios.
  7. The dessert table displayed a platter of decorative cannoli.
  8. He took a bite of the crispy shell of the sweet cannoli.
  9. She learned to make homemade cannoli from her grandmother.
  10. The pastry shop was known for its mouthwatering cannoli.

Cannoli as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They bought a box of assorted cannoli from the bakery.
  2. The Italian restaurant served mini cannoli as appetizers.
  3. She shared a plate of chocolate-dipped cannoli with her friends.
  4. The pastry shop offered a special deal on a dozen cannoli.
  5. He brought a tray of freshly made cannoli to the party.
  6. The dessert platter included different flavors of cannoli.
  7. They enjoyed the crispy shells and creamy filling of the cannoli.
  8. The caterer prepared a selection of gourmet cannoli for the event.
  9. She gifted her family a box of homemade cannoli for the holidays.
  10. The tourists tried the famous Sicilian cannoli at a local cafe.

Singular Possessive of Cannoli

The singular possessive form of “Cannoli” is “Cannoli’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cannoli:

  1. The bakery’s signature dish was the cannoli’s cream filling.
  2. The chef’s special featured a unique cannoli’s pastry shell.
  3. The Italian restaurant offered a variety of cannoli’s flavors.
  4. The baker’s technique created a perfect cannoli’s crispy shell.
  5. The cafĂ© served the cannoli’s sweet treat on a decorative plate.
  6. The confectioner piped the cannoli’s cream filling skillfully.
  7. The dessert shop’s menu highlighted the cannoli’s traditional recipe.
  8. The pastry chef prepared the cannoli’s delicate shell with precision.
  9. The bakery displayed the cannoli’s powdered sugar topping enticingly.
  10. The customer savored the cannoli’s rich filling and crunchy texture.

Plural Possessive of Cannoli

The plural possessive form of “Cannoli” is “Cannoli’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cannoli:

  1. The bakery’s trays were filled with a variety of cannoli’s.
  2. The dessert table showcased the cannoli’s assorted flavors.
  3. The family bakery’s secret recipe enhanced the cannoli’s taste.
  4. The pastry chefs perfected the cannoli’s cream consistency.
  5. The Italian restaurant’s display case exhibited the cannoli’s tempting appearance.
  6. The confectionery’s staff dusted the cannoli’s with powdered sugar.
  7. The pastry shop’s customers raved about the cannoli’s authentic flavor.
  8. The catering service offered platters of mini cannoli’s for events.
  9. The bakery’s menu included a wide selection of cannoli’s fillings.
  10. The holiday season brought an increase in cannoli’s demand.

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