Lopez Plural, What is the Plural of Lopez?

Meaning: it means wolf

Singular and Plural of Lopez

Singular plural
lopez lopezes

Lopez as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Jennifer Lopez is a renowned actress and singer.
  2. The crowd cheered as Lopez took the stage.
  3. The interviewer asked Lopez about her latest film project.
  4. The fans eagerly awaited the release of Lopez‘s new album.
  5. The media followed Lopez‘s every move.
  6. Lopez received a standing ovation for her performance.
  7. The critics praised Lopez‘s portrayal of the character.
  8. The magazine featured an exclusive interview with Lopez.
  9. The tabloids speculated about Lopez‘s personal life.
  10. The awards ceremony honored Lopez for her contributions to the industry.

Lopez as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Lopezes are a talented and influential family.
  2. The Lopezes have achieved success in various fields.
  3. The siblings, Lopezes, pursued different artistic careers.
  4. The Lopezes collaborated on a critically acclaimed project.
  5. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lopez, attended the graduation ceremony.
  6. The Lopezes supported each other’s endeavors.
  7. The Lopezes established a charitable foundation.
  8. The extended family, including the Lopezes, gathered for a reunion.
  9. The community recognized the contributions of the Lopezes.
  10. The biography explored the achievements of the famous Lopezes.

Singular Possessive of Lopez 

The singular possessive form: “Lopez’s” 


  1. We admired Lopez’s artwork in the gallery.
  2. Lopez’s talent captivated the audience.
  3. The journalist interviewed Lopez’s manager about the album.
  4. We discussed themes of Lopez’s latest novel.
  5. The photographer captured Lopez’s radiant smile.
  6. Lopez’s dedication earned respect from artists.
  7. Critics praised Lopez’s performance in the theater.
  8. We studied Lopez’s technique in the dance routine.
  9. Lopez’s fashion choices inspired industry trends.
  10. Fans eagerly awaited Lopez’s new music video.

Plural Possessive of Lopez 

The plural possessive form: “Lopezes'” 


  1. We celebrated Lopezes’ family achievements.
  2. The exhibit showcased Lopezes’ artistic endeavors.
  3. Lopezes’ contributions made an impact on the community.
  4. We studied the influence of Lopezes’ work in literature.
  5. The documentary explored Lopezes’ legacy in music.
  6. The museum displayed Lopezes’ sculpture collection.
  7. We discussed the philanthropic initiatives of Lopezes’.
  8. The awards recognized the talent of Lopezes’ actors.
  9. The biography highlighted the challenges faced by Lopezes’.
  10. The audience appreciated Lopezes’ diverse artistic expressions.

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