Percent Plural, What is the Plural of Percent?

Percent Plural, What is the Plural of Percent?

Meaning: by a specified amount

Singular and Plural of Percent


Percent as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences

  1. Only one percent of the population attended the event.
  2. The survey found a high percent of customer satisfaction.
  3. The doctor said there is a 50 percent chance of recovery.
  4. She scored 90 percent on her math test.
  5. The interest rate increased by 2 percent.
  6. The company aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 30 percent.
  7. The students were asked to calculate the final percent.
  8. The discount applies to purchases over 50 percent.
  9. The study showed a significant drop in crime percent.
  10. The rainfall this month is 20 percent below average.

Percent as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences

  1. The company wants to increase its percents of market share.
  2. The report compared the sales percents from last year.
  3. The data showed varying growth percents across regions.
  4. They analyzed the profit percents of different product lines.
  5. The graph displays the population percents by age group.
  6. The article highlighted the decreasing percents of unemployment.
  7. The students calculated the test score percents for each subject.
  8. The research team compared the infection percents among different groups.
  9. The survey respondents gave their approval percents for various policies.
  10. The study investigated the voting percents for different political parties.

Singular Possessive of Percent

The singular possessive form of “Percent” is “Percent’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Percent

  1. I need to improve my Percent’s score in the exam.
  2. The accuracy of the report depends on Percent’s calculations.
  3. We should consider Percent’s impact on the final result.
  4. The graph clearly shows the growth in Percent’s value.
  5. Percent’s importance cannot be underestimated in data analysis.
  6. The article discussed the significance of Percent’s in statistics.
  7. The survey revealed interesting insights about Percent’s.
  8. The professor emphasized understanding Percent’s concept.
  9. I was amazed by the precision of Percent’s calculation.
  10. The study aims to determine Percent’s effect on the outcome.

Plural Possessive of Percent

The plural possessive form of “Percent” is “Percents'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Percent

  1. The chart compared different countries’ Percents’.
  2. The article analyzed the trends in various Percents’.
  3. The data highlighted the differences between the two Percents’.
  4. We should evaluate the significance of the Percents’ in the study.
  5. The researchers examined the relationship between the Percents’.
  6. The report focused on the changes in the Percents’ over time.
  7. We need to interpret the meaning behind the Percents’.
  8. The presentation discussed the implications of the Percents’.
  9. The calculations showed the distribution of the Percents’.
  10. The analysis considered the factors affecting the Percents’.

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