Spectrum Plural, What is the Plural of Spectrum?

Meaning: a band of colours, as in a rainbow

Plural of Spectrum

Singular Plural
spectrum spectrums

 Synonyms of Spectrum

  • stretch
  • spread
  • scale
  • range
  • gamut
  • diapason

Spectrum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The spectrum of visible light is composed of different colors.
  2. The scientist studied the electromagnetic spectrum to understand radiation.
  3. The rainbow displayed a beautiful spectrum of colors.
  4. The prism separated the light into its spectrum.
  5. The artist used a wide spectrum of colors in the painting.
  6. The autism spectrum includes a range of social communication abilities.
  7. The political party covers a broad spectrum of ideologies.
  8. The radio station broadcasts across the entire spectrum of music genres.
  9. The disorder falls within the spectrum of mental health conditions.
  10. The doctor explained the different symptoms that fall under the spectrum of allergies.

Spectrum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The spectrums of light merged to create a stunning display.
  2. The researchers studied the various spectrums of electromagnetic waves.
  3. The art exhibit showcased multiple spectrums of color and form.
  4. The company offers services across different spectrums of industries.
  5. The political parties represented a wide range of spectrums.
  6. The radio station broadcasts on different spectrums to reach diverse audiences.
  7. The disorder manifests differently across various spectrums.
  8. The scientists analyzed the patterns in the different spectrums of data.
  9. The photographer experimented with capturing light in different spectrums.
  10. The research findings showed variances in brain activity across different spectrums.

Singular Possessive of Spectrum

The singular possessive form of “Spectrum” is “Spectrum’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Spectrum

  1. Spectrum’s colors spread across the sky during sunset.
  2. The artist depicted Spectrum’s beauty in the painting.
  3. We studied the scientific properties of Spectrum’s light.
  4. The photographer captured the essence of Spectrum’s hues.
  5. The scientist explored Spectrum’s electromagnetic wavelengths.
  6. Spectrum’s visibility depends on atmospheric conditions.
  7. The prism separated Spectrum’s colors with precision.
  8. Spectrum’s inclusion in the design added vibrancy.
  9. We marveled at the diversity within Spectrum’s range.
  10. The natural phenomenon displayed Spectrum’s full range of colors.

Plural Possessive of Spectrum

The plural possessive form of “Spectrum” is “Spectra’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Spectrum

  1. The scientists analyzed various Spectra’s to gather data.
  2. We studied the behavior of different Spectra’s of light.
  3. The researchers compared the absorption rates of multiple Spectra’s.
  4. Spectra’s wavelengths vary across different energy levels.
  5. The analysis involved examining the patterns in the Spectra’s.
  6. The experiment measured the intensities of different Spectra’s.
  7. We observed the patterns of Spectra’s under the microscope.
  8. Spectra’s emitted by different elements have distinct characteristics.
  9. The astronomers analyzed the emission Spectra’s of stars.
  10. The study explored the interactions between multiple Spectra’s.

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