Pelvis Plural, What is the Plural of Pelvis?

Pelvis Plural, What is the Plural of Pelvis?

Meaning:  large frame near base of spine

Singular and Plural of Pelvis

Singular Plural
pelvis pelvises

Pelvis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s injured pelvis.
  2. She felt a sharp pain in her lower pelvis.
  3. The x-ray showed a fracture in the pelvis.
  4. The physiotherapist recommended exercises to strengthen the pelvis.
  5. The surgeon operated on the fractured pelvis.
  6. He experienced discomfort in his pelvis after the fall.
  7. The athlete underwent rehabilitation for a strained pelvis.
  8. She received a diagnosis of a misaligned pelvis.
  9. The doctor ordered a CT scan to assess the pelvis.
  10. They discussed the importance of proper alignment of the pelvis.

Pelvis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The x-rays revealed fractures in both pelvises.
  2. They studied the anatomical structure of the human pelvises.
  3. The surgeon operated on multiple injured pelvises.
  4. The physiotherapist specialized in rehabilitating strained pelvises.
  5. They discussed the treatment options for misaligned pelvises.
  6. The orthopedic clinic treated numerous fractured pelvises.
  7. The medical team examined the injured pelvises of the accident victims.
  8. She conducted research on the development of the pelvises.
  9. They analyzed the impact of exercise on strengthening the pelvises.
  10. The textbook provided detailed illustrations of the human pelvises.

Singular Possessive Of Pelvis

The singular possessive form of “Pelvis” is “Pelvis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pelvis:

  1. The pain in Pelvis’s right side was unbearable.
  2. The doctor examined Pelvis’s range of motion.
  3. I could feel the warmth of Pelvis’s body against mine.
  4. The structure of Pelvis’s bones is essential for mobility.
  5. The weight of the baby pressed against Pelvis’s bladder.
  6. I gently placed my hand on Pelvis’s sore spot.
  7. Pelvis’s role in the human skeletal system is crucial.
  8. I admired the strength and stability of Pelvis’s structure.
  9. The doctor explained the importance of Pelvis’s alignment.
  10. I had to undergo surgery to fix Pelvis’s fracture.

Plural Possessive of Pelvis

The plural possessive form of “Pelvis” is “Pelvises'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pelvis:

  1. The injuries affected both Pelvises’ mobility.
  2. The dancers demonstrated the flexibility of their Pelvises’ movements.
  3. The doctors examined the Pelvises’ range of motion.
  4. The X-ray showed the alignment of the Pelvises’ bones.
  5. The physical therapist worked on improving the Pelvises’ stability.
  6. The athletes focused on strengthening their Pelvises’ muscles.
  7. The Pelvises’ role in supporting the body cannot be underestimated.
  8. The dancers showcased the fluidity of their Pelvises’ movements.
  9. The chiropractor adjusted the alignment of the athletes’ Pelvises’.
  10. The physical therapist emphasized the importance of the Pelvises’ balance.

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