Erratum Plural, What is the Plural of Erratum?

Meaning: an error in printing or writing.

Plural of Erratum

Singular Plural
Erratum Errata


  • typo
  • mistake
  • error

Erratum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The book contained a minor erratum in the printing.
  2. The publisher acknowledged the erratum and offered replacements.
  3. He apologized for the erratum in his previous statement.
  4. The newspaper issued a correction for the erratum in the article.
  5. The professor noted the erratum during the lecture and provided the correct information.
  6. The editor discovered an erratum in the manuscript and made the necessary changes.
  7. The author was diligent in correcting any erratum found in her work.
  8. The reader contacted the publisher to report an erratum in the book.

Erratum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The textbook had several errata that were corrected in subsequent editions.
  2. The professor informed the class of the errata in the syllabus.
  3. The website included a section for users to report errata.
  4. The publisher issued an apology for the errata found in the first printing.
  5. The updated edition addressed the errata identified by readers.
  6. The revised report corrected all the errata from the initial draft.
  7. The author included an appendix with a list of errata for the interested readers.
  8. The erratum section at the end of the book listed the identified errata.

Singular Possessive of Erratum

The singular possessive form of “Erratum” is “Erratum’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Erratum:

  1. The correction of the erratum’s is necessary for accuracy.
  2. The impact of the erratum’s on the report was significant.
  3. The author’s responsibility is to rectify the erratum’s promptly.
  4. The acknowledgement of the erratum’s is essential for transparency.
  5. The discovery of the erratum’s led to a revised edition.
  6. The clarification of the erratum’s is important for readers.
  7. The publisher takes responsibility for the erratum’s correction.
  8. The identification of the erratum’s requires thorough proofreading.
  9. The prevention of erratum’s is a continuous improvement process.
  10. The impact of the erratum’s on the research findings cannot be ignored.

Plural Possessive of Erratum

The plural possessive form of “Erratum” is “Errata’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Erratum:

  1. The identification of different errata’s is time-consuming.
  2. The correction of the various errata’s is necessary for accuracy.
  3. The publication includes an appendix with the errata’s listed.
  4. The author’s note addresses the errata’s found in the book.
  5. The revised edition incorporates the necessary errata’s.
  6. The reader’s feedback helped identify the errata’s in the document.
  7. The importance of addressing the errata’s promptly cannot be emphasized enough.
  8. The publisher’s responsibility is to rectify the errata’s.
  9. The inclusion of an errata’s sheet ensures transparency.
  10. The thorough proofreading process aims to minimize errata’s.

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