Specimen Plural, What is the Plural of Specimen?

Meaning: an individual animal, plant, piece of a mineral

Plural of Specimen


Synonyms of Specimen

  • sample
  • instance
  • illustration
  • example
  • case

Specimen as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I examined the specimen under the microscope to identify its cellular structure.
  2. The museum displayed a rare specimen of a dinosaur skeleton.
  3. The biologist collected various specimens of plants from the rainforest.
  4. The archaeologist carefully excavated the ancient pottery specimen from the site.
  5. The entomologist studied the insect specimen to determine its species.
  6. The geologist analyzed the rock specimen to determine its composition and age.
  7. The pathologist examined the tissue specimen to diagnose the disease.
  8. The botanist preserved a specimen of a new flower species for further study.
  9. The paleontologist uncovered a fossilized specimen of a prehistoric marine creature.
  10. The ornithologist captured a specimen of a rare bird species for conservation research.

Specimen as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The museum has an impressive collection of specimens from various bird species.
  2. The biologist carefully studied the specimens of plant leaves under a microscope.
  3. The archaeologist excavated ancient pottery specimens from the dig site.
  4. The entomologist collected several specimens of beetles for her research project.
  5. The paleontologist discovered a well-preserved dinosaur specimen in the fossil bed.
  6. The botanist pressed and preserved specimens of flowers in a plant herbarium.
  7. The geologist examined rock specimens to determine their composition and age.
  8. The medical laboratory received blood specimens for analysis and diagnosis.
  9. The herpetologist studied live specimens of snakes to better understand their behavior.
  10. The zoologist studied specimens of marine life found during deep-sea exploration.

Singular Possessive of Specimen

The singular possessive form of “Specimen” is “Specimen’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Specimen

  1. The scientist analyzed Specimen’s DNA for research.
  2. We labeled Specimen’s container with the date.
  3. The microscope revealed the details of Specimen’s structure.
  4. Specimen’s characteristics fascinated the biologist.
  5. The preservation method affected Specimen’s integrity.
  6. The lab technician noted down Specimen’s properties.
  7. Specimen’s contribution to the study was significant.
  8. The museum displayed Specimen’s fossils for public viewing.
  9. We studied Specimen’s behavior in its natural habitat.
  10. The researcher documented the findings about Specimen’s habitat.

Plural Possessive of Specimen

The plural possessive form of “Specimen” is “Specimens'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Specimen

  1. The lab stored all the Specimens’ samples in the freezer.
  2. We collected various Specimens’ shells from the beach.
  3. The researchers studied the migration patterns of multiple Specimens’.
  4. Specimens’ genetic variations were analyzed for the study.
  5. The scientists examined the similarities among different Specimens’.
  6. The museum displayed a collection of rare Specimens’.
  7. We photographed the diversity of Specimens’ colors.
  8. The team documented the habitats of different Specimens’ species.
  9. The scientists compared the behaviors of various Specimens’.
  10. The researchers discussed the implications of the study on multiple Specimens’.

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